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Daebak! Why You Should Watch Kdramas

Before you turn your head of the idea of watching a foreign drama, hear me out. If foreign movies like Parasite can be good, what says their tv shows aren’t? I got into watching Kdramas during my junior year in high school. My friend, Jordanne, gave me some recommendations for Korean dramas (also known as Kdramas) and she always talked about how good they were so I thought “Why not?” I had no clue that this would lead me down the never-ending Kdrama road. After I watched my first Kdrama, I wanted more and couldn’t get enough. The plots ranged from simple to complex and the casts were so stunningly beautiful. Even though they were speaking in another language, the acting was breathtaking. The characters would cry so beautifully and they would hold their tears while the sad music swells in the background and when the beat drops the tears fall. Sometimes I would get so caught up, I would cry along with them. But don’t get me wrong, not all Kdramas I’ve seen was Emmy worthy.  Korean food Photo by Jakub Kapusnak from Unsplash

The first one I watched was called Boys Over Flowers and looking back it was absolute garbage. The acting was good, but the characters were so ridiculous and they played the same background music over and over, that I would have it stuck in my head all day. It also confused me why they choose actors that looked like they were in their mid20s to play high schoolers. The story was about a poor girl who gets accepted into a rich school and is constantly fighting with the principal's bad boy son and his friends. Oddly enough the rich bad boy and the main girl fall in love even though he treated her horribly before they fell in love. But it was the crazy adventures, fancy houses, delicious Korean food and beautiful sets that drew me into the show.


fancy house Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden from Unsplash After I had my first binge of this awful yet addicting show I wanted more. The next Kdrama I watched was called Pinnochio and I bawled my eyes out on episode one. This shocked me because I have never cried on episode one of any show before. The story was just so tragic and beautifully written I couldn’t stop the tears from falling down my face. The Kdrama is about a girl with a rare disease called Pinnochio, where whenever she tells a lie she hiccups, which forces her to tell the truth. Her dream was to be a news anchor like her mother, but news companies don’t want her because they want some that can lie to make the news seem more entertaining. But she doesn’t let that stop her and she says her disease will make people trust her news broadcast more since she can’t lie. She meets a boy whose life was destroyed because of a lie about his family that was broadcasted on the news. The show touches on how the news is a powerful tool and how easily lies can destroy someone’s life. Aside from the shows’ great message, the outfits and the makeup were amazing. As I watched more and more dramas, I noticed how fashionable the characters were. Each outfit looked like something a model would wear. 

Kdrama outfit Photo by Crystal Jo from Unsplash

If you don’t mind reading subtitles, Korean dramas are definitely worth watching. They are very interesting and different from what we are used to seeing in American dramas. They have been rising in popularity that streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have gotten a few that are available to watch. For those who have Netflix, I recommend Itaewon Class and for those who have Hulu, I recommend Legend of the Blue Sea. Itaewon Class is more on the dramatic, romancy side while Legend of the Blue Sea is more comedic. Both dramas are very well done and very enjoyable. I even got my roommate to watch both of them and she finished them before I could! She enjoyed the world of Kdramas and you can too. Next time when you are browsing through shows trying to decide what to watch give a Kdrama a try.

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