Cute Inspo for Your Next Minimalist Tattoo

Just like Queen Ari, I think “girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble” are the best. Doesn’t everyone want to show off their tats while blasting “7 Rings”?  Even if you are nervous about the stinging needles of your first tattoo, there’s a certain type of tattoo that will minimize your time behind the needle!  

Categorized by simple designs of petite flowers or delicate designs, minimalist tattoos can be placed in secretive spots, making them easy to cover up during job hunting or just a fun and flirty surprise for whoever you deem worthy. The best news for the faint of heart is these tattoos are usually so small, your skin won’t be poked and prodded for too long! Searching for inspiration for your next minimalist tattoo? Look no further! Here are some great samples you could use:

Courtesy: Pinterest


This is a tattoo I've always wanted for personal reasons. But even if your paper crane doesn’t have a deeper meaning, the clean lines and simple design make for a great tattoo.

Courtesy: DailyToast


Getting your zodiac symbol as a tattoo is a cute and simple possibility. This could be small enough to get behind the ear, which is a place I have always wanted to get tatted.

Courtesy: Pinterest


To be more subtle with your zodiac sign, you could always get the corresponding constellation! The above picture is Aries, but other constellations would look just as cute on your collarbone, or anywhere else!

Courtesy: Pinterest


Another idea, although I must admit it is on the more basic side of the spectrum, is getting a little planet somewhere on your body! Possibly on your ankle, but other places such as the side of your wrist would be just as cute!

Courtesy: Grazia Daily


Finger tats! These are definitely bolder than the previous options listed, but they would make for cute coffee cup IG posts! Arrows are only one of many designs you could choose to showcase on your knuckles, so get creative!

Courtesy: bellestilo


A simple daily reminder. Something like “breathe” will remind you to take a moment for yourself and relax.

Courtesy: Pinterest


Add some color to your life by getting a colorful minimalist tattoo! From elegant flower blossoms to graceful koi fish, straying away from the typical black and white could add just the right amount of pizzazz.

Courtesy: Pinterest


If you want to give your tattoo some personal importance or meaning, you could always have your favorite animal permanently inked on your skin. Come on! Those whales are adorable.

Courtesy: TattooBlend


A take on the classic wave tattoo, adding just a little more color and detail will really make this tattoo pop! In fact, adding the watercolor shading to just about any minimalistic tattoo will really make yours stand out among the rest!

With these new tattoo ideas in mind, you might find yourself gathering all your courage and finally going to get inked! Whether you're afraid of something too painful, or just like the simple and sweet look, the minimalist tattoo style is a perfect fit for you.