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What You Should Wear to the Lana Del Rey Concert Based on Your Favorite Album

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Lana Del Rey’s amphitheater tour was announced pretty last minute, and as a die-hard fan, finding out Lana would be playing in Florida was the best day of my life. I was at the Tampa, FL show and although I didn’t have to prepare to know the songs on her setlist, I did have to think hard about my outfit and accessories.

As if getting tickets wasn’t hard enough, you now have to participate in the fashion show that comes along with Del Rey’s concerts. It’s important to consider weather and comfort because you might be waiting in the merch line for a while. Whether your favorite album is Born to Die or maybe you’re in your “Cinnamon Girl” era, these outfits can serve as inspiration.


If your favorite album is Born to Die, you might want to take it back to the Americana days with some red, white, and blue. Wear lots of denim as a reference to “Blue Jeans” and a simple white top to match Lana on the album cover. Some Chucks or cowboy boots would also pair great with this look.


Ultraviolence has a dark, sad girl energy. I would wear a black lacey top and a long white satin skirt for this album. Since the album cover is black and white, these colors would match perfectly! I would also pair this with chunky black boots and a white headband.


The Honeymoon style is giving cutesy and classy. Gingham, pearls, lace, and loafers are a sure way to represent this as your favorite album. I would pair a red lip with denim and a simple tank or frilly blouse and hope that Lana plays a song from Honeymoon on her next tour!


There are many iconic looks from the Lust for Life era, such as the album cover where Lana has flowers in her hair and her music video look for the song “Lust for Life” with The Weeknd. Since my favorite songs are “Cherry” and “Love,” I would wear a dress with a cherry or floral print, chunky boots or heels, and accessories like a headband and red sunglasses.

NORMAN F*ckiNG Rockwell!

NFR brought back the California/Americana vibes with tracks like “Venice B*tch” and “Bartender.” A simple outfit with blue jeans or a skirt, a halter top, simple jewelry, and chunky heels would make for an iconic look.


I would love living the Chemtrails Over the Country Club life, but in the meantime, I’ll just dress like it! This album calls for pearls, white dresses and heels, lace gloves, and tightly curled hair to match her look in the music video for Chemtrails.


Blue Banisters is a warm and personal album that deserves a great look. A plaid skirt with brown tones, a cream-colored top, and brown Converse or flats would make you a “Living Legend.”


This album and the tour are bringing out everyone’s inner coquette-ness. Lana’s recent looks include lacy ribbons, feminine dresses, pearls, and jewelry. I would wear classic ribbons with a baby doll top and a black skirt for this outfit. I would also add some lacy socks and kitten heels.  

“If you dance I’ll dance, and if you don’t I’ll dance anyways.” In any of these looks, you’ll be sure to dance the night away. 

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Krista Escalona is a staff writer at Her Campus at the FSU chapter. She writes about a diverse array of topics including campus events, personal stories, interviews, and more. In addition to writing, Krista is involved in the social team at Her Campus, where she works on graphics for the social media accounts. Aside from Her Campus, Krista works on the videography team at Strike Magazine Tallahassee where she works with a team to shoot and edit campaigns for the student ran magazine, including editorial shoots and fashion. She has been recognized nationally for her media production skills. Krista is a sophomore at Florida State University and is majoring in International Affairs, on the pre-law track. In her free time, Krista enjoys practicing yoga, reading classics, and listening to all kinds of music. She can talk about movies for hours and will never deny trying new kinds of food or getting ice cream.