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Tomato or Potato Girl? Vegetable Makeup Is the Latest Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Microtrends are not a new aspect of TikTok; on the contrary, they are what keeps it going. From viral strawberry clusters one week, to Stanley cups the next, and a new monthly it-girl shoe that everyone runs to buy, I love seeing what new trends people come up with. The clean girl makeup look continues to be one of my go-to inspirations when getting ready for a night out, but recently, two new makeup trends have surfaced and caught my eye that mimic the vegetables they’re named after… tomatoes and potatoes.


Set in the aesthetic of sunny Italy where tomatoes are plentiful and your skin is often kissed by the sun, the “Tomato Girl” makeup look strives for a balanced base that highlights healthy, vibrant skin and sculpted cheeks that feign color from the sun. The most important aspect of the look is the red, rosy cheeks.

Blush is the main component of the look that gives the trend its name, and when paired with faux freckles (that have come back in style), it’s eerily similar to a natural sunburned look. It doesn’t take many products to accomplish the final look either, rendering it budget-friendly.


Imagine you’re in Kansas. You come from a family of six. Under the blistering sun, you’re picking potatoes and sweating buckets, but also getting a glorious tan that could also be achieved with heavy amounts of bronzer. That’s what the “Potato Girl” makeup look is trying to achieve with its emphasis on the glowy, bronzed look that can be equated to a potato. Faux freckles can also be added to enhance the resemblance. It’s cute and makes for a glowy aesthetic but lacks blush components and a natural look.


Latte makeup is a trend that went viral on TikTok that prioritizes underpainting, warm-toned eyeshadow, and siren eyes as well as a spicy fall lip, light contour, and heavy bronzer to mock the color characteristics of a latte. When “euro summer” was making its comeback on TikTok at the peak of summer, latte makeup was making its rounds. Many wanted that “basked in the sun” look that suggests you’ve spent hours out somewhere in Europe on a luxurious yacht.

Nevertheless, when looking at the characteristics of latte makeup, it can be seen as a fine line between the “potato girl” and “tomato girl” makeup trends that I mentioned earlier: light coverage, sun-kissed bronzer, warm eyeshadow, and head-turning blush that completes the final look. With this in mind, I believe that these makeup looks are actually older microtrends that have been rebranded and are becoming popular on TikTok again. Latte makeup is surely another term for bronzed or sun-kissed makeup that has been around for ages, but consistently gets repopularized under a different name.

These microtrends may be comical but they are also a creative way to try out new makeup looks, and it’s all in good fun. What makeup trend are you predicting will take over next?

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Mia Rampersad is a sophomore at FSU studying Creative Writing. She enjoys reading, exercising, and fashion.