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burdash bikini models
burdash bikini models
Photo by Caitlyn Burdash

The Hot Take: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Back

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Victoria’s Secret (VS) released big news after getting positive reviews on its attempt at rebranding. They’re bringing the annual fashion show back this year, and it actually might not be bigger than ever. After canceling the show after its 2019 debut was getting a lot of criticism due to its lack of inclusivity, many thought it was gone for good. The Fenty X Savage show had just premiered the year before and showed a wide range of inclusivity, which put VS in the hot seat.

In 2021 VS began a rebrand to be more inclusive and focus more on women’s empowerment. While some are excited about its resurgence, many are also skeptical, feeling as though their recent brand changes are all for money and not because they care about inclusivity. When I asked an FSU student what they thought about the VS rebranding they said, “Victoria’s Secret has definitely mirrored marketing campaigns aimed towards a more diversified audience and rebranded themselves. Many have criticized Victoria’s Secret for trying too hard at emphasizing other body types within their clothing line, and they’ve faced heated criticism and loss in consumerism because of it.”

Some have already expressed their disdain for the whole event while others have expressed their excitement. Many have also stated that they are saving their judgment of the show until after it happens. Generally, people are also expecting it not to have the amount of glitz and glamour it once did and focus more on women and their value. This could be a hit or miss for them, many viewers once watched for the glitz and glamour, but time and trends have changed, and hopefully, we will see VS changing accordingly as well.

Personally, I’m excited to see what VS has in store for their big comeback, but I’m going to save my full judgments until after the show. I also wanted to get opinions from some of the most important people, my fellow Florida State University students.“I feel like Victoria’s Secret has a huge opportunity to do something amazing with the show. I hope they take it to do something amazing and include a diverse range of models,” said one FSU student. Another student said, “If they don’t truly believe in being inclusive, I think it will be something they’re unable to hide very well.” Other students expressed how they can definitely see the VS Fashion Show being inclusive but feels as though they are only doing it for the money.

Back before the show was canceled it was known for its glitz and glamour as well as having an exceptional skill for picking the most perfect models possible to showcase the dramatized runway looks of their lingerie. From the giant angel wings seen throughout the show to the million-dollar bra being revealed every year, the only thing this event seemed to lack was inclusivity not only in people who didn’t fit in societal standards but in body type as well.

As time went on and people became more open to these different things, VS began its downfall for not progressing with the trends and falling behind its competitors. One FSU student had to say, “The reason why the show stopped being broadcast on television was because of lack of viewers. VS definitely needs to understand how much the demand of their image will ultimately determine the fate and return of their annual fashion show on their reputation, and this is something we have only yet to witness on our screens.”

No date or time has been released yet, only the announcement of the show coming back this year. For now, all we can do is wait for more information and get excited for what’s to come at the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show since 2019. Hopefully, they have made a genuine change, and we will see that reflected on the runway.

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From Naples, FL Kaitlyn is a student at FSU majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. During her time at FSU she’s worked on the undergraduate literary staff before moving up to the masthead as well as being apart of the Beta Mu Gamma Phi Beta chapter.