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Supporting Beauty Beyond the Colors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Makeup is often seen to be a way of self-expression and artistry to who a person is. It can also be a career for some people, as a method to share their love in the world. Of course, not everyone wears makeup, but it allows people to experiment with their interests and passions. Similarly, some people have different skin tones, with varying preferences on what they like to use in terms of brand. With hundreds of copious companies worldwide, there is always something to find for an individual. Whether drugstore products from a local Walmart, or high-end at Sephora, it is up to their budget on what they wish to spend. 

With February being Black History Month, it is crucial to recognize people of color who must fight for their names to be present. However, supporting these businesses at any given time is just as vital, instead of only focusing on them during February. Everyone knows about Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line and Pat McGrath’s unique eyeshadow palettes, but what about the other brands that are just as talented? With their hard work, they barely get credited for their products. Below are some of the best Black-owned makeup brands that are hardly discussed, but are worth every penny spent. 

1. Lys beauty

LYS Beauty is an inclusive and clean brand owned by a former makeup artist, Tisha Thompson. She aims for products available for every skin type and tone, with and without texture. Their mission is to empower women by using products that enhance their natural beauty while allowing them to enjoy the colorful creations they can make. Their products focus on skincare and makeup, aiding in fixing common concerns that people may have with their skin. At an affordable cost, with every product being less than $30, it shows you can still have good quality products for a lower price. They are sold on their website and Sephora to support this incredible company with a beautiful mission.  

2. UOMA Beauty 

UOMA Beauty was created by the one and only, Nigerian-born, Sharon Chuter. Seeing firsthand how difficult it was to find products that matched her complexion, she set out to create her own. They focus on inclusivity and diversity for all skin colors, not just dark-skinned people. This is shown by having a shade matcher link on their website to ensure everyone gets the right tone. Advocating this equality mindset promotes accountability for brands that don’t have diverse tones. During Black History Month, the company discusses supporting people of color’s brands. Due to the fight for recognition, they annually donate 100 percent of the proceeds to help Black founders in the industry. The products can be purchased either on their website or Ulta Beauty, either online or in person.  


3. Laws of Nature Cosmetics

After her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, Jasmine Rose discovered that many of the ingredients in makeup, such as “parabens, mercury, lead and talc,” could potentially cause breast cancer. Specifically, the content is more than the average for black individuals, making it especially dangerous for them. So, Rose began experimenting in her very own kitchen before she created a foundation that was perfect for her. This quickly expanded to a foundation stick, concealer and liquid moisturizer before escalating to eyeshadow palettes, liquid eyeliner and mascara. Now, her products include lip multi-sticks, blush, bronzer and highlighter. If you aren’t sure of your shade, she also sells a sample pot of foundation with a $10 coupon for any full-size product. In addition, during Black History Month, they offer 25 percent off their products. To buy any of their products, they are available on their website.  

4. Black Opal Cosmetics 

With Black Opal run by Black women, it is guaranteed to have beautiful products made. Considering they have been in the business for nearly 30 years, it is constantly being perfected and improved for the people of color that use their products. To embrace their inclusive message, they strive to fix common problems people have when applying their makeup. Depending on the product used, this includes hyperpigmentation, pores, dry and flaky skin and even oil control. There are plenty of products available, with something suitable for everyone. They even make skincare, eyeshadow palettes and lip products if foundation and concealer aren’t what you’re looking for. They are available on their website, Ulta and Walmart.  

Overall, there are plenty of affordable Black-owned makeup products to pick from. They embrace every shade, knowing how heartbreaking it is not to see themselves presented in stores. Unfortunately, most known companies don’t even have a bright blush to fit their skin tone, so the fight for equality is essential. Makeup isn’t racist, everyone can use it if they are interested, but it’s crucial to have every skin shade available to be inclusive. That way, every person can feel beautiful and represented if they wear makeup.  

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