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Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan Flirting at Coachella Has Me Swooning

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The largest influencer event of the season, Coachella, has come around once again. The internet has been occupied with what everyone wore and what brands sponsored their stay. Personally, I was far more invested in the Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter story that we’ve seen unfold over these past couple of weekends. Since the start of their relationship only a few months ago, we finally got the cutest beau moment from them at Carpenter’s Coachella performance on April 12.

Carpenter had a highly anticipated Coachella performance following her opening on the Latin American leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, as seen on Billboard. Carpenter stunned audiences throughout her time as Swift’s opening act, with people especially loving her fashion style.

She performed at Coachella weekend one, converting the stage to look like “Sabrina’s Motel,” and eventually sported a “Jesus was a Carpenter” tee before the end of the set. Having her debut on the main stage means that obviously, she needed her man there in support.

Barry Keoghan, star of Saltburn, has been spotted several times with Carpenter recently, leading people to believe they have started to kindle a romantic relationship. We got to see their hard launch at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party and have finally gotten a glimpse into how deep Keoghan may be falling for Ms. Carpenter. Moreover, Keoghan was also spotted at some of Carpenter’s Eras Tour performances, supporting her from the crowd as seen in People.

Keoghan was spotted in the crowd at Coachella wearing a Burberry bandana covering some of his face. While people are a little confused about whether wearing the bandana was a fashion statement or to avoid the dust of the desert, nobody really cared after seeing him viewing Carpenter’s performance.

Keoghan was seen watching the performance while holding his iPhone to catch a video of Carpenter doing her thing on stage. Many people immediately took to social media to ship their relationship even harder as they watched in real-time. She also debuted her new song, “Espresso,” which is speculated to be about Keoghan (please be about Keoghan)!

As it was Carpenter’s first performance at Coachella, we all loved her watching her man support her from the crowd. What might be even better though? The way he’s holding the iPhone like a proud dad. Keoghan’s iPhone filming stance may be one that we’ve seen from our proud parents, but nonetheless, it showed his excitement to watch Carpenter perform. Keoghan obviously took his filming job quite seriously, getting all the angles from his prime audience spot. All we can hope for now is that he’ll post the video of the rising pop star for us all to see.

Keoghan and Carpenter were also spotted hanging out with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in the Coachella crowd. Onlookers watched as both couples viewed Ice Spice’s performance of “Karma” on the Coachella stage. While we didn’t get to see much more of the couple’s weekend, we hope they had a great time getting to be behind the scenes together.

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From Naples, FL Kaitlyn is a student at FSU majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. During her time at FSU she’s worked on the undergraduate literary staff before moving up to the masthead as well as being apart of the Beta Mu Gamma Phi Beta chapter.