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4 Products I’m Adding to My Self-Care Routine This Spooky Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Happy Spooky Season! October is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner. With Halloween being my favorite holiday, I like to celebrate in any way I can during the entire month of October. I like to fit my love for Halloween into all aspects of my day, so theming my self-care routine around Spooky Season is super appropriate. This helps me get excited for the holiday and personalizes my chill time even more.

Having at least one “self-care day” per week helps to keep my stress levels down. It also reminds me how important it is to set aside time to focus on myself and my well-being! If I have less time on a certain day, I don’t necessarily complete my whole self-care routine and utilize every product. Some days I have less time to dedicate to pampering myself than others, and that’s okay!

If one of my school weeks is busier than another, all that counts is taking at least a few minutes to enjoy using one of these products. Here are four self-care products that I’ve been loving this season!

Tree Hut’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Shea Sugar Scrub

First, I’ve been obsessed with this pumpkin-scented body scrub. I’ve always loved using sugar scrubs in the shower to exfoliate my skin and leave it feeling super soft. Replacing my regular scrub with a pumpkin-scented one has made me enjoy my self-care time even more, bringing the nostalgic smells of autumn into my shower. I like to top this treatment off with some lotion once I’m out of the shower and — wow, now I’m as smooth as a pumpkin!

Too Cool for School’s Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

I struggle with dry skin, especially as the weather gets cooler. Around this time, this pumpkin sleeping pack comes through with hydration. I apply this mask overnight and rinse it off in the morning. The pumpkin aspect of this product is accurate because in the morning, my face shines bright like a jack-o-lantern! It feels so good to have hydrated and moisturized skin all day, especially during the months when it tends to be at its driest.

Lush’s Screamo Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is something else. If I find myself needing a spa night, it is absolutely essential. I mean, look at the beautiful shades of blue it adds to a regular bath! It’s scented like cherries and flowers, adding a sweet and calming touch. My stress melts away alongside this creepy character, creating the ideal spooky spa.

The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty’s “Spooky Season” Plush Spa Headband

This one is for all the Hello Kitty fans out there. Like my shower scrub, I love changing out my regular spa headband— which is also Hello Kitty-themed — for a spookier one. With a spa headband, I avoid getting my hair wet when washing, moisturizing, and putting products on my face. It only helps that I can feel like a festive Hello Kitty while doing my self-care routine!

These are four products I’m adding to my self-care routine this spooky season! I love celebrating myself and my favorite holiday together by incorporating fun products into my pampering time. I hope you can find something that gets you into the Halloween spirit on this list!

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Hi! I'm Gabby, a junior at FSU studying clinical psychology and English. I'm passionate about mental health, wellness, fashion, food, and music, to name a few things.