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In the past few years, the sport of pickleball has grown immensely in popularity. This sport is perfect for college girls who are looking to exercise, get some energy out, or spend a fun afternoon with friends!

Pickleball is a great sport for college kids to play for many reasons. One reason is that its rules are relatively simple to learn. With it being so similar to many other sports such as tennis and ping pong, plenty of people find the basics of the game easy to pick up on. This allows them to enjoy the new sport without being taught the rules of a completely new game.

Being college kids, some of you may find yourselves looking for new ways to get outside and get active after spending a day inside different classrooms or studying for exams. Pickleball provides a great opportunity to do all of this while keeping it fun. Exercise has many overall benefits, but pickleball specifically provides some other benefits on top of all of that. For example, pickleball can strengthen your hand-eye coordination and improve your strength.

If you don’t love exercising on your own, then pickleball is the perfect sport for you to try out! The game itself is considered a very social sport. You can play singles or get a group of friends together and play doubles. You can also make it as competitive as you want by having a slow or fast-paced game depending on what you are looking for. This game has more interaction and communication than some other team sports, making it a fun activity for friends to do together.


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Another great thing about pickleball is that it’s not just a fun sport to play; it’s also a fun sport to get ready for! You’re able to get dressed up in a cute tennis outfit or keep it simple with whatever you want to throw on from your closet. If you love the sport so much that you want to buy your own pickleball paddles, there’s no limit to the number of options you can find anywhere from Amazon to small businesses. The pickleball phenomenon has spread across most stores, which is great when you’re looking for the cutest paddles to play with.

Tallahassee has some great options for places to play pickleball. Starting with Florida State University’s campus, the Westside Courts have a few pickleball courts available for students to play on. If you want to, you can join the IM Pickleball league through Campus Rec! Off-campus, you can play at a few of the courts across the parks of Tallahassee such as Lafayette Park or Four Oaks Park. If the weather outside isn’t great, there are some community centers that you are able to play at as well such as Jack L. McLean Jr. Community Center.

Overall, there is a reason that pickleball has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years across all age groups. The next time you and your friends are wondering what to do, consider picking up a pickleball paddle and playing a game!

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Lauren is a Senior at Florida State University double majoring in Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Communications. She enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.