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Pete Davidson may be an acquired taste for many, but multiple iconic women in the entertainment industry have fallen for his looks, charisma and comedy skills. Since his dating record has become so publicized people continue to keep track of the next high-profile celebrity that will be seen with him next. From his engagement to Ariana Grande and stirring the pot when seen with Ice Spice, Pete cannot catch a break with these paparazzi. His dating life honestly became an inside joke within the world of pop culture, and I do not see it becoming private any time soon. Here are some of his most popular real and rumored relationships.

“Thank you, Next” Ariana Said…

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson first met when she was a special guest on Saturday Night Live and coincidentally it was Pete’s first debut on SNL. A couple of years later, Ariana went back on to SNL as a musical guest but at the time both were dating other people. Then in the spring of 2018 dating rumors between the two began because they were seen at the Billboard Music Awards. In just a couple of weeks and a few matching tattoos later the news broke that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were engaged. Even with how mainstream this relationship was, it only lasted five months after Ariana broke off the engagement after the death of long-time ex Mac Miller. Soon after, Pete got his tattoos that were dedicated to Ariana covered up. Later Ariana released her song “thank you, next” but mentioned Pete in a positive light by saying “Even almost got married, and for Pete, I’m so thankful.” This relationship truly marked the beginning of Pete’s dating roster becoming iconic.

Dating his first Nepo Baby

In late fall of 2019, in November, Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson were rumored to be dating after they were seen out together in New York on multiple occasions. This relationship immediately sparked controversy as Kaia was freshly 18 years old, and Pete was 26 years old at the time. Many people looked down on Davidson after dating her as they felt the age difference was unsettling especially since she had newly become an adult just a couple of months before dating. This relationship was also short-lived as they broke up early 2020.

Bridgerton x SNL

In the spring of 2021 rumors spread about this beautiful pairing; Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson were never a match people imagined. Rumors began when Pete was seen visiting Phoebe in the United Kingdom. Their relationship was confirmed when pictures of them being close and loving were taken when they attended Wimbledon. They reportedly later broke up that same year early fall because of long-distance issues.

Kanye Who?

In October of 2021, Kim Kardashian was a special guest on SNL which was when she and Pete were first ever seen interacting. Soon after they were seen at Knott’s Scary Farm together hand in hand and on rides with Kourtney and Travis Barker. Seeing these pictures is what truly sparked the rumors, especially after Kim’s recent divorce from Kanye West. Later Kim confirmed their relationship by talking about tattoos Pete got for her and by making her and Pete Instagram exclusive. After dating for over half a year they broke up. This was a pairing no one ever expected.

If Deux Moi says it’s true, then it’s true!

After Emily Ratajkowski’s recent divorce she was spotted with Pete Davidson courtside at a basketball game, so obviously the rumors began. Deux Moi then fueled the rumors by saying that they were for sure seeing each other and hooking up. Later, Emily liked a tweet that said, “I will be dating Pete Davidson next.” Even though no one is really sure how far this possible relationship went, they were seen together on multiple occasions.

Boy’s a Liar

This almost broke the internet! About a week ago it was rumored that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson were seen out together and no one could believe it. This pairing would for sure be the strangest of them all. The gossip only continued soon after Ice Spice was seen creating content with Kim Kardashian and North West as the rumors were circling. Many people were confused as to how Kim did not see this as an issue since she had a serious relationship with Pete. Soon after, all rumors of Ice Spice and Pete Davidson were shut down as it was confirmed that Pete Davidson is still with his current girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders, with whom he co-starred in Bodies Bodies Bodies. Even though this was just a bizarre rumor this pairing might have broken the internet more than Kim and Pete.

No one has yet been able to pinpoint the reasoning behind Pete Davidson’s seemingly strong power when attracting all these women. Someone, please do some research on this— it is for science.

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