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The highly anticipated London Fashion Week occurred from Sep. 15 through Sep. 19. Fashion Week is a way to spotlight both emerging designers and established fashion houses as they present the season’s cutting-edge trends with exhibitions all over the city. 

At the beginning of the semester, it’s common to be consumed in work, but it’s important to take time for yourself. A way I was able to do that was by keeping up with the different designs that made the runway. I imagined what designs I would wear, what I would add, and made silly comments with friends that in the end, didn’t matter. I also felt extremely inspired by the work these designers came up with as they contributed their individualism and style to the world of fashion. Some highlights of my favorite designers included Burberry, JW Anderson, Richard Quinn, and Molly Goddard.

richard quinn

One of my top looks came from designer Richard Quinn. Most may know Quinn from his recent collaboration with Beyonce for the RENNAISANCE Tour. The fashion exhibit by Richard Quinn honored his late father, who passed away in June. Quinn is renowned for his extravagant dresses which made an appearance at this week’s show. This season, he added hundreds of crystal drops that appeared almost ethereal and angelic. The hairstyles were sleek and pulled back, and the makeup was soft and natural which focused the attention on the clothing themselves.

foday dumbuya

Another set of looks I not only adored but felt connected to was from designer Foday Dumbuya. Dumbuya uses fashion to tell tales of the diaspora fusion of British tailoring and West African values. As a West African, these prints caught my eye and gave me a sense of familiarity that made me understand his vision. It was something different from the usual pearls and monotone colors that walk the runway. This design philosophy focuses on producing items with direction and purpose to inspire a new generation of designers.


16Arlington’s subtle yet effective looks caught my eye immediately as they entered the runway. Marco Capaldo, one of the founders of the brand, gave us a soft launch of what to expect from him further. The collection consisted of paillette-covered skirts and dresses that began in white but then appeared in delicate shades of red, blue, and gray. It was revealed to be constructed of translucent latex, which cleverly gave the feeling of blurriness. I admired the simplicity of the collection and how beautifully it was executed. 

matty bovan

A collection I’m not sure I loved but felt compelled to look at was from designer Matty Bovan. Bovan’s works consisted of loud and colorful dyed prints. These prints are bold and impossible to look away from. They seem to be like an explosion of creativity in one fabric. Cut and combined with different materials to make one story, Bovan makes sure this theme runs throughout the collection. After looking at each design, it’s almost like you have no choice but to like it in the end.

That wraps up all the eye-catching looks I found during this fashion week. All these looks are so different from each other and unique in so many ways, which is what I love about fashion week. Though these shows tend to be catered to individuals who either study fashion or model, everyone should be encouraged to see the creativity and art that these designers produce. London Fashion Week will be followed by the shows in Milan, so stay tuned for even more designer looks. 

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