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How I Got Rejected From FSU London and Went for Spring Break Anyway

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Just kidding, I didn’t actually get rejected from FSU London—I’m not sure if you even can. But I did go to London for spring break, and if you’re thinking about studying abroad, these are all the things I learned about London (and loved!), accompanied by photos of my trip that I believe can be helpful.


Seeing Buckingham Palace in Kensington was at the top of my sightseeing list, among others. However, I quickly realized that other places are more magical. Borough Market is a staple in central London and such a lively, diverse place to be; eating a Full English at Riverside Café with Big Ben in my line of sight was an experience I’ll never forget. While the British Museum didn’t house traditional paintings, it was historically insightful.


Coming from a country with little railway transportation to a city that operates on it was surprising but incredibly efficient. It’s cheap, safe and never too busy for more than two stops. That was probably the top thing I missed from London when I returned to the states. Enjoy these random photos from the Elizabeth Line.


I may be biased since I love Asian cuisine, but I found myself gravitating toward this part of London for more than half of my trip. I had an unforgettable Korean BBQ experience, crossed sushi from a conveyor belt off my bucket list, and (sadly) realized that I don’t like matcha that much, but it is pretty picturesque on desserts.


Some of the most beautiful parts of London are the ones that aren’t really shown. I was lucky enough to experience the sprawling hills and fields that the country has to offer; if Piccadilly gets too suffocating, I recommend taking the Tube to a rural location to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Bring a blanket and some scotch eggs, too.


One of my biggest fears about coming to London had to be the 10-hour flight. Ironically, it was nowhere near being bad. Virgin Atlantic (non-sponsored) had some of the best hospitality provided by the flight attendants, hours of movie and tv show entertainment and the diverse meals and snacks surpassed my expectation. I recommend not choosing your meal ahead of time (unless you have dietary restrictions) and seeing the options onboard. Teatime had to be my favorite!

Another thing I wanted to add but didn’t have enough pictures to show for it was to explore different food that you don’t usually eat at home; fish and chips is not just the most famous dish from London, but incredibly tasty and goes well with curry sauce (trust me). Steak and ale pies also symbolize UK cuisine and are very savory—kind of like a pot pie. Sadly, ranch is unheard of.

Those five tips are my top takeaways from my trip that I wish someone had told me before I came overseas. The anxiety of going to a different country with different rules and regulations can be overwhelming. Still, with a clear head and helpful information—it’s a breeze and the stressful vacation/time you’ve always hoped it would be. 

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Mia Rampersad is a sophomore at FSU studying Creative Writing. She enjoys reading, exercising, and fashion.