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4 Hidden Gem TV Shows To Add to Your Watchlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard for you to find a new TV show to commit to. These days, spoilers run so rampant on social media that you can consume an entire series through Instagram reels. So, I’ve compiled some of my underground favorites that haven’t gotten the hype they deserve. From ‘90s sitcoms to action-packed thrillers, this list features four shows that will keep you glued to the couch all weekend.

1. Crashing

While actress-screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag has garnered massive popularity with Gen Z audiences, her TV show Crashing is still relatively underground. The show aired on Netflix in 2016 and is only six episodes long, making it the perfect choice for a weekend binge. The story follows a group of young adults serving as property guardians and living in an unused hospital. Their lives begin to tangle together as messy romances, extravagant parties, and riveting confrontations ensue.

Crashing has all the dark, raunchy charm of Fleabag but a lively, relatable vibe that could only be found when a bunch of 20-something-year-olds are confined to a small space for too long. We’ve all been there.

2. Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure is a ‘90s sitcom-drama-comedy that takes place in a tight-knit town in rural Alaska. The story follows a bitter young doctor from New York City named Joel Fleischman. To repay his medical school scholarship funding, he’s shipped off to Cicely to serve as the town’s doctor. There, he meets a cast of quirky townsfolk, and they slowly start to win him over. This show is a personal favorite of mine; it’s hilarious, heartwarming, and surprisingly profound. Not to mention, the scenery is beautiful!

After decades of being unavailable to stream, Northern Exposure is available to watch on Prime Video. I highly recommend checking it out.

3. The Great

If you’re a lover of historical fiction, look no further than The Great on Hulu. Think of Bridgerton but wittier, saucier, and a lot more Russian. It’s a dramatized retelling of Catherine the Great’s rise to power as the empress of Russia. Her younger self finds herself married off to Peter III, the hedonistic and immature emperor of Russia. The deeper she finds herself in palace life, the clearer her options become: She must kill her husband or watch herself and Russia crumble.

Actress Elle Fanning and actor Nicholas Hoult star in this hilariously gripping historical satire, and their on-screen chemistry is unparalleled. The Great is the kind of show that kept me laughing out loud, which isn’t an easy feat. An added plus is the marvelous costuming. We love a period piece!

4. Alias

What’s better than watching Jennifer Garner kick butt as an undercover agent for the Central Intelligence Agency? You can get all that and more in the early 2000s thriller series Alias, which is currently available on Prime Video. The show spans five seasons and begins when Sydney Bristow (played by Garner) is offered a position as an agent with the criminal organization SD-6 under the guise of a job with the CIA. When she shares this information with her fiancé, SD-6 assassinates him. In a quest for revenge, she offers her services to the real CIA and becomes a double agent.

While Alias gives us high stakes and epic combat, it also provides the ultimate father-daughter duo, as Sydney’s father, Jack, is a double agent alongside her. I watched this show a while back and Sydney has been one of my favorite strong female leads ever since. Not to mention, her colorful bob disguises are incredible.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Grab some snacks and a cozy blanket. You’ve got some shows to binge.

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Thea is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a major in English (Editing, Writing, and Media) and a minor in education. She loves listening to all genres of music and spending time outdoors.