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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters as the Zodiac Signs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

ABC hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy was just renewed for Season 21, making it the longest-running medical show to date. Released in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy began following the life of Meredith Grey, a doctor starting her surgical career, and the other doctors who work alongside her. Below is my interpretation of which zodiac sign the characters are, coming from a massive fan of both the show and astrology. 

Aries: Miranda Bailey 

Aries is Grey’s Anatomy’s original character, Miranda Bailey. Like Aries, she’s very ambitious and steadfast in her desire to be the best. She wants to win, and she loves being the person her coworkers are afraid to mess with. If she isn’t on your side, you’ll regret whatever it is you did to upset her. Plus, you’ll know what you did because she’s unafraid to voice her issues to you. 

Taurus: Link

Taurus would have to be Atticus Lincoln, AKA Link. He’s calm and doesn’t allow the stress of life to get to him. He’s there as moral support for Jo from her early days and is able to roll with the punches that come his way. Like a Taurus, Link is intense and wants all or nothing with everyone. From proposing to Amelia after having a kid together to moving in with Jo and raising their blended family, he’s always ready to dive head-first into whatever situation is in front of him without letting the stress eat at him. 

Gemini: Arizona Robbins 

Gemini is none other than Arizona Robbins, pediatric-turned-fetal surgeon best known for being Callie Torres’s romantic interest and Alex Karev’s mentor. Overall, she’s incredibly nice, but don’t let that confuse you. She can also be two-faced and a terrible partner and friend to those she cares about. Her general mistreatment of Callie following the plane crash, cheating on Callie, and revealing April’s pregnancy without her permission reveals all of this. 

Cancer: Jo Wilson 

Cancers are akin to the lovely Jo Wilson, who was a former General Surgery Attending and current OB-GYN resident. Like other Cancers, Jo is in tune with her emotions and isn’t afraid to embrace them. Jo is sensitive to not only her feelings but the feelings of others as well. She deals with her problems the best way she can at any given moment. When it was needed, she took the important step of seeking professional help in order to move past her traumas. Jo is kind and willing to do anything for those in her life. 

Leo: Jackson Avery 

Leo is none other than Jackson Avery. Leo, represented by the lion, is royalty, just like Jackson is. Being an Avery is all about being at the forefront of medical innovation, something that Jackson is known for. Having a powerful force in the medical field like his mother, Jackson knows how to convince everyone in the room that he’s a force to be reckoned with. He works hard to make a name for himself and distinguish himself from his mother and grandfather, two of the most powerful forces within the fictionalized world of Grey’s Anatomy

Virgo: Derek Shepherd  

Virgo is Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy. Derek wants to be the best and will go out of his way to prove that he’s still good. He’s very methodical and calculating, having to make major decisions on a daily basis in one of the most complicated organs of the body. He works hard to show others that he is hard-working and dedicated to his craft like a Virgo. 

Libra: Richard Webber 

Libra’s best representative is Richard Webber, one of two original characters left on the show after its 19-year run. The symbol of the Libra is the scale. Just like a scale, Richard is all about balance. He’s tough and expects a lot from his staff, but that’s because he knows what they are capable of. He knows what others are capable of and is forgiving of their indiscretions. But that doesn’t mean he accepts mistreatment from others. He’s an excellent teacher who knows when to give support and when the residents need a little more tough love in order to thrive, which is why he’s a Libra.  

Scorpio: Owen Hunt 

Scorpio goes out to Owen Hunt, the loyal stoic. After serving in the army as a trauma surgeon, Owen comes to Seattle to work at Grey-Sloan Memorial while learning to overcome his trauma from his time in the army. Owen is loyal to his country, his peers, and his family. Owen tries to hide his PTSD from others and puts on a brave face no matter what is going on around him. He’s calm and doesn’t freak out any time there’s a crisis. 

Sagittarius: Alex Karev

For the last fire sign, Sagittarius gets Alex Karev of Grey’s Anatomy. He has a fiery personality and is constantly in one situation or another. Despite his good intentions, he’s often in trouble for some reckless move. He’s gotten into some serious fights with the residents, assaulted his father as a child, and acts aggressive toward others he doesn’t know. Still, Alex has learned to adapt and overcome struggles within his family life and has worked hard to overcome every obstacle in his path. 

Capricorn: Cristina Yang 

Capricorn is the career-driven Cristina Yang. Just like a Capricorn, Cristina is ambitious and finds fulfillment in her work. She’s always trying to learn new techniques and innovate. Usually, she’s happiest when her work is thriving. Just like a Capricorn, Cristina is very intense about every aspect of her life and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. Cristina would do anything for her person. 

Aquarius: Meredith Grey 

Meredith Grey is the Aquarius of the show, and it’s purely because of her desire to help people. She’s always getting into trouble for helping others when needed, even if that’s including committing insurance fraud so a child could get care. She’s the powerhouse that continues to innovate and learn new ways to help take care of others.  

Pisces: April Kepner 

The Pisces of the pack is April Kepner. She started out as a nervous wreck during the hospital merger in Season 6. As she matured as a person, she’s taken the lessons she has learned during her time as a surgeon to heart and internalized the lessons she’s learned. She’s capable of being empathetic and compassionate, and she learns to adapt to her new surroundings easily. 

There were many more characters that didn’t make it on the list. But, as someone who’s watched the show a handful of times, this is where I believe each of the characters aligns with the zodiac signs! 

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