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4 Underrated Female Artists on Spotify That You Might Not Know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Spotify contains a sea of music. With all the new releases daily, it can be easy to stick to what you know. I won’t lie, I’m a culprit for listening to my “On Repeat” playlist more than I’d like to. With that being said, I do try my best to branch out whenever I’m in the mood. Through this, I’ve found plenty of new artists that I’m always trying to get more people to listen to.

Today I’m going to share my favorite female artists on Spotify that aren’t getting talked about enough!

Boys World

Don’t be fooled by the name; Boys World is actually a pop girl group! Debuting in 2020, Boys World is bringing the vibes of popular groups such as the Spice Girls and Little Mix into the 2020s.

Boys World stands for “Best Of Your Self World.” The group’s music often revolves around female empowerment and encourages their listeners to be confident in themselves. Many of their songs center around prioritizing yourself and your friends above any love interests, which is exactly the kind of energy we should be keeping up.

In addition to their extremely infectious pop tunes, they’re bringing back the fun in live performances with intricate choreography and live vocals. I can’t recall the last time we had a Western pop girl group that balanced prioritizing both dancing and singing, but Boys World is bringing it back and improving on the style as well.

With only 157,812 monthly listeners, there aren’t nearly enough fans of this group. I can promise they’re only going to continue growing, so I would suggest checking them out now before they blow up. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, some of my favorite songs by them are “Girlfriends,” “SO WHAT,” and “me, my girls & i.”

Aubrey Huntsman

If you have any idea who Aubrey Huntsman is, I’m amazed and need to be your friend immediately. With only 2,992 monthly listeners on Spotify, Huntsman is one of the music industry’s best-kept secrets. The artist is self-produced and creates music with fantastical melodies that can only be described as whimsical. Her music is unique and magical, creating a vibe that is entirely her own.

Her debut album Kid Mercury is romantic, dreamy, and youthful. The album takes you through a journey in the cosmos, with each piece having a loose narrative thread connecting the songs, making a full listen feel like more than just an album listening. My personal favorites by her are “Jupiter Dive,” “Dreams,” and “Kid Mercury.”


Looking for something out of the Western music sphere? BÈBE YANA is a solo artist from Korea. Even as the genre of K-pop continues to globalize, artists such as BÈBE YANA fly under the radar for most. The singer only has 45,246 monthly listeners, which doesn’t measure up to the quality of music she has in any regard. 

Her style varies from other groups you may know from Korea, with techno beats and a fast tempo. Think PinkPantheress and other similar pop artists! Her music feels futuristic and powerful. If you’ve never tried K-pop before because it doesn’t seem like your speed, I recommend listening to some of BÈBE YANA, as you might like more than you expect. Some of my personal favorites by her include “VROOM VROOM,” “Vision Getting Blurred,” and “Strawberry Kisses.”


Out of all the artists I’ve mentioned today, Samia is the most well-known. With 461,219 monthly listeners, the young indie artist is making waves in the music industry. Her song “Charm You” even landed a spot on the Rolling Stone 100 Best Songs of 2023 list. Samia has two full albums out, both of which are worthy of a complete listen-through.

Her music is calming and nostalgic, and she’s always on my playlist driving to class at 7 a.m. She can switch between love, loss, and everything in between effortlessly. Her music is deeply personal with hard-hitting emotional beats. Some of her best work, in my opinion, includes “Big Wheel,” “Minnesota,” and “Kill Her Freak Out.”

Be honest… did I suggest someone you didn’t know? I’m only a little pretentious when it comes to my music taste. I can handle the honesty if not. Hopefully, I was able to show you at least one woman in music you have never listened to before. I encourage you to look for some new female artists on your own, as I know I’ve only scratched the surface with the amazing music by women hidden on Spotify. Happy streaming!

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My name is Dana and I'm a undergraduate student studying Creative Writing & Advertising at Florida State University! I am also minoring in both Film Studies and Psychology. I love to write, dance, play music, and hang out with those closest to me!