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The month of March always bears the beginning of exciting times—March Madness, spring break, religious and social holidays—but this year, it also launched the start of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. With that being said, “‘tis The Damn Season” for the long-awaited tour content to flood social media, which is to be expected in the wake of the singer’s massive success on Midnights, her tenth studio album. 

From only the first few shows that have been performed so far, Taylor has yet again gone above and beyond fan expectations “All Too Well.” With a setlist of 40+ songs and an over three-hour show, the singer has compiled a “Delicate” balance of songs, costumes and choreography to represent the “Style” of each album (better referred to as an “era”).

Having such influence and history in the industry makes it easy for newer fans to miss a lot of jokes, context or easter eggs, all of which fall into Taylor’s trademark. So, if this is your first Taylor Swift concert, this rundown of all you can expect will ensure you’ll be “Ready For It”!

*That* Red Shirt

An easter egg during the Red album performance on the Eras Tour may be hinting at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) to be next in line of the re-recorded albums. Although the currently released re-recordings deviate from the albums’ original chronological order, many fans have speculated Speak Now to be up next due to many easter eggs in Midnights, specifically the “Bejeweled” music video. 

Quickly becoming an iconic symbol of the hit “22’’ off the album Red, Taylor sported a white block letter tee reading “not a lot going on at the moment” in the single’s music video. However, on the opening night of Eras Tour, fans were quick to point out the change in the shirt during the “22” performance to now read “a lot going on at the moment,” with the words “a lot” in red text.

By the second show of the tour, fans spotted another change in the outfit. Featuring the same white tee with block letters during the performance, this time the shirt read “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew,” with the “Ew” in red print. As a result, some fans hypothesize that the upcoming shows will feature similar variations of the Red costume to eventually spell out Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), with the hope of it serving as the unofficial announcement. 

“1, 2, 3, Let’s go b*tch”

A now-signature audience ad-lib in the Reputation hit “Delicate,” “1, 2, 3, let’s go b*tch” snuck its way into performances during the Reputation Stadium Tour. Online, the phrase is often abbreviated to “123 LGB” or “123 Let’s Go,” so when you see videos referencing those or a similar combination, you can count on it being a “Delicate” performance. 

The phrase was originally coined at a 2018 Pasadena show by a member of the audience. While filming, she took the moment after the line “but you can make me a drink” to shout out “1,2,3 let’s go b*tch.” The craziest part of this story? No one else shouted it, Taylor didn’t hear it, and it wasn’t until later when the video went viral that the phrase caught on among fans. In recent years, Taylor has even started counting on her fingers with the audience during the performance. So, when the iconic autotune intro finishes, that’s your cue to wow your eras concert companion with your Taylor Trivia! Plus, everyone around you will know you’re a true Swiftie. 

Taylor’s silence on Evermore

Recently trending on TikTok, Eras tour prediction videos often feature a lengthy setlist encompassing multiple songs from each era except for evermore, the singer’s ninth studio album. A running joke among fans since the album’s release jabs at Taylor Swift for her rare acknowledgment of evermore as a whole or the songs featured on it. However, Taylor surprised Swifties all around at her Arizona show when she defended her love for the album, claiming she’s seen all the circulating evermore jokes. Her comment “I’ve seen it all” gave away the singer’s media presence and investment in her community’s inside jokes, earning her even more brownie points.

The “Bejeweled” TikTok Dance

The opening night on tour marked the singer’s first time performing her Midnights hit “Bejeweled.” Dressed in the full glitz and glam royal blue costumes with accents of the staple diamonds to suit the Midnights look, Swifties were overjoyed to see her perform the viral TikTok dance created by user @mikaelarellano. The dance move consists of a strut, twirl and handshake during the chorus line of the song. Mikael’s original video creating the Bejeweled dance was posted on Oct. 22, 2022, the day after Midnights was released.

The video shortly went viral and following the official tour announcement, the user has since created more content with the dance to drum up momentum for the tour. Becoming known for his “Bejeweled” dance and overall being a Swiftie, the internet quickly pointed to Mikael for recognition when Taylor performed the dance on opening night, likely as an appreciation of his dedication as a fan.

Look out for these easter eggs and more on the Eras Tour!

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