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Em Beihold debuts her new single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad” discussing her internalized emotions on her fast overnight success with her past song, “Numb Little Bug.” With the fame of “Numb Little Bug” and her new release, Beihold is also going on Lewis Capaldi’s North American tour, beginning March 30 of this year. In addition to this, her duet version of “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez was featured in the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia. Through this recent success, Beihold shared some insights on her new achievements.

Beihold’s release of “Numb Little Bug” gained overnight fame and became an active trend throughout TikTok. As she reveals that her single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad” was a response to the fast success of “Numb Little Bug,” she shares her writing process for her new release. Beihold discusses “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad” and says, “I wrote it in May of 2022. It was actually after I came back after tour, and it was a concept that I had been sitting on with my collaborators before I left for tour. Even the title we were just talking about ‘cause we had a conversation about theme parks and how it relates to the music industry.”

Beihold’s new release draws comparisons between the music industry and the journey within a rollercoaster ride, such as reaching the highs and lows. When asked about advice for coping and confronting these great successes and then a plateau in her career, Beihold starts revealing how she has felt recently. She says, “I think I am very much figuring it out. It happened with ‘Numb Little Bug’ and even now with the Stephen song. The Stephen song is going so crazy that I feel the pressure of like how do I make sure this moment stays and how do I make sure that the people who know the song but don’t know it’s me, know it’s me? The pressure of momentum is hard.”

As a continuation since, Beihold’s success with “Numb Little Bug” has been accredited to TikTok. It becomes difficult for users of the social media application to make the connection between the singer and song. In reference to whether TikTok has an impact on her writing, Beihold shares how she likes to keep the worlds separate. Beihold claims, “I try to keep it separate. Sometimes I’ll write something without thinking about TikTok. Then after the fact, I’ll be like, ‘Oh this is a weird metaphor, this would probably go on TikTok.’ Or I’ll write something, and I’ll be like this is a little too poetic to instantly click for TikTok. I think you sacrifice your art if you’re writing for a medium like TikTok. So, it’s definitely a super helpful tool, but I wouldn’t say I write for it.”

While Beihold stays loyal to her own art and music, she also mentions how she is discovering an interest in producing as well. She also speaks on opening for Lewis Capaldi’s tour and her preparation when it comes to traveling on tours. She laughs and says, “Usually I have three or four days of rehearsal beforehand that are all day. I have some fittings to make sure the wardrobe is good. I am not great at styling myself, so I’ve had to hire a stylist for tour. But I would love to get better at clothes. I’ve just never really gravitated towards fashion so that’s a new part of the preparation for me. I pack literally hours before I have to leave. It’s so bad. I need to stop doing that because I always forget something.”

Beihold’s relatability within her music and conversations has aided her continuous rise in the music industry. She then speaks on the defining moment that made her feel as though she was on the right path. Beihold takes time to think and then says, “The truth is when ‘Numb Little Bug’ was released, everything happened so quickly that it’s kind of hard to pinpoint a specific moment. It’s a blur, a tornado of opportunities, I never would have imagined.”

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