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Dylan Mulvaney’s Face Reveal Has TikTok Shocked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

After nearly two months, Dylan Mulvaney is finally back on TikTok! If you don’t already know, Mulvaney is a growing content creator with over 10 million followers, made popular by her “Days of Girlhood” series. In this series, she shares her experience and advice about being a recently transitioned woman. With over 300 days of girlhood, discussing everything from dating men to menstruation, it’s safe to say the internet is totally obsessed.

Mulvaney has dabbled in the world of cosmetic enhancements before, like when she got lip fillers and hair removal electrolysis. In December, she decided that she would make the leap, and announced that she would be receiving facial feminization surgery (FFS). FFS is a term used to refer to a combination of plastic surgery procedures, typically offered to trans women experiencing gender dysphoria. It gives the face a softer, more feminine look. These procedures will often include lip fillers, jaw reduction and facelifts. Mulvaney received tons of warmth and excitement from her loyal supporters, but she also faced backlash. Viewers pointed out her privilege of being able to go through FFS, which is costly and impactful. Of course, many Mulvaney defenders clapped back, telling haters to “focus on the real issues.”

On Dec. 16, Mulvaney’s surgery day finally rolled around. Dr. Harrison Lee, a newly-popping triple board-certified surgeon and FFS expert, operated on her. The pair even made a TikTok together in the days leading up to her surgery.

While she posted a short series of updates during the recovery process, Mulvaney decided to save her grand face reveal until she was completely healed. On Jan. 28, she releases a collection of photo and video shoots showcasing her gorgeous new look.

Whether you love Mulvaney or not, the magnificence of her before and after is undeniable. If you’re wondering what exactly she got done, fear not, because she posted a walk-through of all of the procedures she underwent. In the second episode of her FFS TikTok series, Mulvaney revealed that she had a hairline advancement, brow bone shave, rhinoplasty, minor cheek enhancement, lip lift, jaw shave, chin reduction and tracheal shave.

While it’s clear that Mulvaney’s facial feminization surgery looks great, she uses her platform to give attention to much more than her looks. Her transparency throughout this surgery has been nothing short of refreshing, not to mention, she continues to use this experience to promote access to gender-affirming healthcare. She is an inspiration and a voice for queer and trans youth.

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Alyssa Yon is a first year student at Florida State University studying English literature, media, and culture. She loves painting, writing, and listening to music!