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Capture Memories (Not Likes) With the New Social Media App Lapse

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Using disposable cameras has recently been a trend amongst Gen Z and I can understand why. Whenever someone whips out the plastic box-shaped camera and yells “Everyone, get in this dispo,” we are graced weeks later with a photo that captured the moment perfectly. A new social media app called Lapse brings this concept to smartphones.

The app dropped its latest version in June 2023 and currently is ranked number two on the Apple App Store. Unlike other social media platforms that gained popularity but shortly died out (remember BeReal?), Lapse might be here to stay. What makes Lapse different from other social media is that you cannot edit, change, or curate the photos before you share them. The creator intends to bring back the joy of taking pictures and enjoying the moment instead of worrying about editing it.

hoW does it work?

Users have to invite a certain number of friends before they begin using the app. Once you have created an account, you can snap a picture, but you have to wait for it to “develop” within a random time frame. Once the photo is developed, you can either swipe left or right depending on whether or not you want to share it or archive it. The app will organize all your photos automatically into months, but you can create your own journals as well. 

How does it compare to other social media apps?

Only your friends can see the photos you share on Lapse: there is no way to publicize or privatize your account. The only way to see people’s photos outside of your “roll” or vice versa is to apply to be featured. You don’t have followers — the app is described as being for friends, not followers. You also are not able to post pictures on the app. However, Lapse allows you to import photos to customize your profile. Similar to features seen on Instagram and Facebook, you can customize your profile by adding a biography, profile picture, and banner. The banner feature differs, however, as you can add up to 36 photos that rotate to a selected song when someone views your profile. You can’t comment on your friends’ posts, but you can drop emojis under them. 

will it last?

I haven’t had Lapse for long, but I like the idea of it. It reminds me of when people tried to “make Instagram casual again,” except that idea never took off. Some people are skeptical about the fact that it makes you invite people before you can use it yourself and call it a pyramid scheme. In my opinion, I see no harm in the invites. The app is new and they are just trying to get the word out about it.

FSU student Liana Rubero uses Lapse. When asked her opinion on the app, she replied, “I would say it’s more casual than Instagram. That’s what makes me like it more. There’s less pressure behind your posts. It feels easier to be yourself on that app and not put up a filtered persona.” I think she put it perfectly. 

We will see in the coming months if Lapse flops or lands with Gen Z. Do you think Lapse is for you?  

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I’m a communications major at Florida State. Class of 2026!