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Adam Sandler Wins Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: Reflecting on My Favorite Sandler Movies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Every year a comedian is awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. On March 19, Adam Sandler was named this year’s winner. Previous co-stars who are now his dear friends had only nice things to say about Sandler. Drew Barrymore said, “Every award that was ever created on the planet should go to Adam because he’s a national treasure, and he’s been keeping us laughing” in an interview before the ceremony. Not only has he appeared in over 60 films, but also participated in writing and producing some of those films. Adam Sandler founded his own production company known as Happy Madison Productions, in 1999. The company has produced many popular comedies, for instance, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Benchwarmers and The Wrong Missy (one of my favorites). In the midst of generating over $3 billion of revenue for his productions, he married Jackie Sandler, a fellow comedian he met on the set of Big Daddy, and had two kids. His wife has secured many roles in his movies along with many of his other well-known comedian friends, which explains why you will often see familiar faces across his films.

In honor of Adam Sandler winning the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, I have decided to share my top six favorite comedies that Adam Sandler has starred in.

6. Jack and Jill

A very unpopular opinion, Jack and Jill is one of my favorites. He plays the character of Jack and of Jack’s twin sister Jill who visits for the Holidays and overstays her welcome. Jack doesn’t exactly enjoy the company of his twin, for she is a bit of an oddball. I find the fact that Sandler plays both characters hilarious, with a very sweet ending.

5. Big Daddy

This movie is incredibly heartwarming as Adam Sandler plays the character Sonny, whose girlfriend just dumped him for a more mature guy. In an effort to win her back, Sonny adopts a young boy to show he is ready for the responsibility. The boy is played by young Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who are absolutely adorable at seven years old! This is a very goofy but super cute movie.

4. Just Go With It

Part of the reason I love this movie so much is that it co-stars Jenifer Aniston. Sandler plays the character Danny who pretends to be married in order to score one-night stands with women who feel sympathy for whatever fake sob story he creates about his failed marriage that night. When he meets a girl he believes to be the one, she is driven away by his infidelity ploy. He asks his co-worker Katherine, played by Jenifer Aniston, to pretend to be his wife whom he is soon divorcing. The two just naturally work so well together in this film that is set in beautiful Hawaii.

3. 50 First Dates

While this movie does include good comedy, I love this movie more for its cute plot. Co-starring Drew Barrymore, she plays a young girl, Lucy, who was in a car accident that caused her to suffer from short-term memory loss. Adam Sandler’s character, Henry, meets her and falls in love. He then sets out to convince Lucy’s friends and family that he is up for the challenge of being with her. The ending makes me tear up every time.

2. Grown Ups

This popular film stars Sandler and four of his real friends acting as five best friends that take their families on a vacation to a cabin in the woods. This movie is very silly and great if you wanna just have a good laugh. It features a great performance from all actors, especially the child actors in this movie.

1. Happy Gilmore

This is one of his earlier and most iconic films, which never fails to make me laugh. Sandler portrays an aggressive hockey player who one day finds he has more talent in the sport of golf than in hockey. When he learns his beloved grandmother is going to lose her home, he sets out to win her money in a golf tournament. He garners a lot of attention through his unconventional approaches to golf and because of his uncontrollable temper. It is definitely a must-see.

These are some of my favorites, but I genuinely enjoy every movie he is in. The 56-year-old comedian continues to produce and star in movies that are always successful not only because of his performances but because of the great casting decisions. Be on the lookout for Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2 which drops on March 31, co-starring the lovely Jennifer Aniston.

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