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Absolutely Unhinged Halloween Costumes I Need to See This Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

In Girl World, there’s nothing more exciting than the week of Halloween. Though the holiday technically only spans over the last night of October, the entire week leading up to the night itself is a celebration unlike any other. However, the most important part of Halloween is often seen as the most difficult: picking costumes.

It comes without surprise that Halloween is probably my favorite holiday — I’ve had Halloween-themed nails since mid-September — so in the grand scheme of things, I’m a pretty good judge of what makes a Halloween costume amazing. There’ve been a lot of movies that have come out this year that make good Halloween inspiration, but one cannot simply choose a costume from a popular movie — the inventiveness is half of the good factor within the costume. However, there’s another factor entirely that I think marks a Halloween costume as amazing: the level of unhingedness.

Unhinged Halloween costumes are the best of both worlds; they’re hilarious, hot, and a little campy. What makes a Halloween costume sufficiently unhinged, you may ask? Check out these ideas to find out.

allan (Barbie)

We’re starting off really strong with this one, but hear me out. Going in a group and your friend and her boyfriend have already claimed Barbie and Ken? There’s still hope. Michael Cera may have played Ken’s slightly awkward “best friend,” but you can be the biggest slayer of the night in this costume. There’s no worrying about anyone repeating your fit. After all, there’s only one Allan.

walter white and jesse pinkman (breaking bad)

Last Halloween this costume dominated for guys, but this year, I’m thinking of a new spin. This iconic duo is instantly recognizable and incredibly easy to make at home. For Jesse, all you need is a big T-shirt, a beanie, and a bag of blue rock candy. For Walt, it’s even easier: you just need a pair of glasses, some fake blood, and the iconic hat. This costume is a hit, and that’s a fact — after all, this was my costume last year.

five nights at freddy’s (2023)

This one definitely takes the cake for one of the most unhinged costume ideas on this list. Five Nights at Freddy’s is coming out right around Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but this seems like the perfect group costume to me. It’s iconic, recognizable, and instantly camp.

priscilla (and elvis, aka jacob elordi)

This movie technically isn’t out yet, but the previews are giving me everything I need to make this decision. A24’s newest biopic, Priscilla, is about Elvis Presley’s wife. It’s due to arrive in November, and it’s going to be completely iconic. Directed by Sofia Coppola, this film is definitely for the girls. Priscilla is an iconic costume within itself, but if you’re going for a couples’ vibe, Jacob Elordi’s Elvis is definitely an unhinged option to add.


What’s better than a Barbie costume? A Barbie and her box-office-war bestie! For Barbie, you know the drill — pink, blonde, and slayage. For Oppenheimer, a suit and hat would compliment your pink partner’s outfit perfectly.

Finding a costume is definitely a struggle, but most of the fits on this list can be made with whatever you have at home. Have a slay — and unhinged — Halloween!

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