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A Secret Crocs Lover Rates Crocs’ Best Collaborations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

There are two types of people in this world: those who love Crocs and those who loathe them. I’ve always identified as the latter of the two, but the iconic brand has recently made some pretty successful attempts to sway my opinion. The most recent collaborations Crocs has been a part of have me seriously considering falling in love with the brand.  

Crocs aims to manufacture shoes that resemble clogs. The catch? The shoes lack the wooden part that defines a clog and are made completely out of rubber and plastic. The beloved shoes usually worn by nurses and other professions that require non-slip shoes are attempting to achieve a fashionable duality to them. The brand has tried to become relevant by keeping up with popular culture. Though I’m not a Crocs fan, I do have a ranking of some of my favorite collaborations.  

7. McDonald’s x Crocs

Everybody remembers the Grimace Shake trend, right? Well, Happy Birthday Grimace, Crocs made a shoe just for you! Celebrate his birthday by investing your money in a Crocs Classic Cozy Sandal and the cutest Grimace Jibbitz charm.

Not into purple? Crocs has other ways of celebrating our dear friend. The bright red Croc Classic Clog with the golden arches in the heel and McDonald’s menu items for Jibbitz is a great alternative. This stylish collab makes me really want a hamburger and ranks seventh on my list.  

6. KFC x Crocs

The taste of greasy, fried chicken has left my mouth watering after looking at this number six combo. The shoes mimic a KFC box of chicken with red and white striped platform heels and an animated fried chicken on top. The Classic Clog comes with a realistic chicken wing Jibbitz charm and a not-so-hidden Colonel Sanders on the back. The clever collaboration has simmered its way into my number six favorite spot. 

5. Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs 

I may hate Hidden Valley Ranch, but regardless, this collaboration is giving us ranch lovers some recognition. The Crocs Classic Clog comes in white with flakes of garlic speckled onto the shoe to resemble a ranch look.

The several Jibbitz charms are what make this collab. Mix your shoe with a miniature ranch bottle or an “HVR” green logo. You can add a chicken strip or a sandwich to complete this look. If you want to go the healthier route, there’s a bundle of bright orange carrots to choose from. The diversity of this collaboration squeezes its way to my fifth favorite.  

4. Cars x Crocs

Life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long in these Crocs. The ode to Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater is very well done in this collaboration. A copy and paste of the animated cars onto clogs makes it look like you’re wearing the characters on your feet.

The Tow Mater Crocs are brown on top of the shoe and have wheels on the heel along with two buck teeth on the toes. The look is completed with a hubcap Jibbitz charm. The Lightning McQueen Crocs will have you saying “kachow” as you flash the lights in the shoe when walking around in the replicated red character. This collaboration raced its way to number four on my list.  

3. Toy Story x Crocs

Say “so long partner” to plain, boring Crocs and howdy to these nostalgic Woody and Buzz ones. The Classic Croc Clog comes in bright green and features buttons that Buzz Lightyear has on his space suit, along with themed Jibbitz. The purple straps allow you to fly through the galaxy comfortably in sports mode.

You got a friend in the Woody Classic Clog as well as with a cow print top, yellow patterned flannel bottom, blue interior, brown straps, and a cowboy hat charm. The best part about both is the word “Andy” written on the inside. This Croc partner has lassoed my number three spot. 

2. Shrek x Crocs

I’m sorry, but if you don’t love Shrek, you’re simply wrong. Our darling ogre’s Crocs are all deserving of this number two spot. The olive-green clogs have a dirty look to them like you’ve been running through a swamp. The band on the back is fuzzy brown, but what makes these Crocs is the ears and nose of Jibbitz charms. The creativity of this collaboration is my second favorite.  

1. Margaritaville x Crocs

We’ve found our lost sugar and salt with this perfect collaboration. Avoid stepping on pop tops with these stylish shoes at the beach. The clogs have a sandy look on top, a beachy green inside, and waves that look like they’re hitting the shore on the bottom. The Jibbitz for these Crocs consists of all sorts of Jimmy Buffet lore, including a parrot, compass, saltshaker, lime, shot glass, and even an Adirondack chair. The late icon’s shoe is my absolute favorite, as the king of beach music deserves all the love.  

Honorable Mentions

The Cereal x Crocs collaboration, the Taco Bell slides, Stitch the Alien, and pastel Peeps with real-size Peeps Jibbitz.  

It’s safe to say that I’ll stop by every Crocs store to see the most recent creative collaboration. I look forward to what else the brand can come up with, but as of now, my list will remain the same and I’ll continue to love Crocs in secret.

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Mandi Stoyanov is a staff writer at Her Campus Florida State University chapter. She writes campus, lifestyle, and culture-related articles. Beyond Her Campus, Mandi enjoys writing other nonfiction, reading, and crocheting in her free time. She prides herself in the creation of her high school's literary magazine and the publication of smaller yet important works. She has achieved her Associate's Degree in Arts and is working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Sciences with a focus in Creative Writing and a minor in Communications.