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Morgan Wallen broke the internet when he announced his third studio album One Thing At A Time was being released on March 3. Since the release of his second album, Dangerous: The Double Album in 2021, fans have anxiously awaited his next record. Luckily, Wallen didn’t keep us waiting too long as he released a few singles leading up to it, and teased a couple of studio tracks on his Instagram.

On the release date, country music lovers spammed their Instagram stories reposting Wallen’s Instagram post (I have no shame in saying that I’m guilty of doing this as well). Since the album has 36 songs, listening to it in full was a marathon. Did I listen to it all the way through with no interruptions? Absolutely. I have no regrets, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least.

When Wallen first announced the release of his new album, he said in an interview that “this record represents the last few years of my life, the highs, and the lows.” I recognized right away that he got extra personal with this album and gave his fans insight into his tumultuous life filled with heartbreak, substance abuse and his connection to God. As much as I loved Dangerous: The Double Album, I admire the vulnerability and transparency of One Thing At A Time. I also think Wallen brought a different angle to the table with One Thing At A Time. When it comes to the diversity in the music, he tapped into several different genres within country music combing elements of rock, pop and even hip-hop. Personally, I think it is genius for listeners who want variety in an album.

The day before his album release, Wallen posted an Instagram story telling fans he was hosting a free concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville to celebrate the One Day At A Time debut. This free concert was a way for Wallen to show gratitude to his fans and also offered an opportunity for those who didn’t have the chance to buy tickets for his tour. With no surprise, the turnout was overwhelming, and fans were lined up for blocks. In just a few hours, it was announced that every ticket had been distributed. According to the Bridgestone Arena, the line at the box office was so long that around 12:30 p.m. they urged fans to go home and that the tickets were gone by 1:06 p.m.

After listening to the album on repeat, I narrowed down my favorite song to “‘98 Braves.” Wallen uses a metaphor in the song comparing a failed relationship to the 1998 Atlanta Braves. I think the concept is perfect for a record and it encapsulates the idea that sometimes when you think a relationship will work out, life doesn’t always work that way. An honorable mention would also have to be “Good Girl Gone Missin’.” As you can probably gather, I’m a fan of the songs centering around relationships. “Good Girl Gone Missin’” tugged on my heartstrings because it is about a guy who got a girl but made poor decisions and ultimately lost her. The lyrics are simple, but it is incredibly catchy and heartfelt.

Whether you are a fan of Morgan Wallen’s music or not, it is undeniable that he is dominating the country music world and I believe his album is definitely worth the listen!

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Lexi is a third-year student at FSU majoring in public relations. She enjoys spending time with friends, coffee, concerts, reading, and the beach.