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2000s Trends That Need To Come Back This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

We all know that summer is one of the best times of the year. The smells, the free time, and the overall vibes are what make it so memorable. Summer gives people the chance to rid themselves of the stresses of school and feel like kids again. This summer, let’s go back to the early 2000s and indulge in trends that made our summers so magical and memorable. 


Just imagine: You’re wearing your bright bikini and beachy jewelry topped with a cute anklet! This can be something you made yourself, one you bought on vacation, or even an old bracelet turned into an anklet. The best part about these is you don’t even have to take them off to swim or shower because they don’t get in the way!


Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? The answer is no one. But a cold sweet treat is even better! There’s nothing better than an ice-cold popsicle on a hot summer day. 

Furthermore, remember when you went to summer camp and, on special occasions, you would get those plastic tubes of colored sugary goodness? By the time you were finished eating the frozen part, you would get to the bottom and the melted flavor would be there. Let’s bring them back!

Slip N’ Slides

So much fun! Hot summer days call for a cool down, so why not make it fun? You can buy these online or simply use a tarp, soap, and water. It’s so fun and easy, and it’ll get you clean too!


This is another hot summer day throwback. Whether you use it to dye your hair or drink it by the pool, Kool-Aid is the perfect summer drink! 

Silly BandZ

I know you’re lying if you say you weren’t obsessed with these. Nothing had me in more of a chokehold than these little rubber bands. Trading silly bandz and making them fit my feelings was the way to accessorize. Let’s do it again.

Road Trips

I can’t say these ever really went out of style, but they need to become more popular. Even small road trips where you go to local parks you wouldn’t usually go to because they’re a bit out of the way.

Pack your car with snacks and blankets, bring your friends, and drive with the windows down to a new place! 

Tree Houses

I can’t think of a better place to have a picnic or read a book. There used to be so many of these, and it was always a blast. Let’s bring them back, please!

Beaded Jewelry

Let’s bring back making our own accessories! Friendship bracelets and beaded necklaces were the best way to show your favorite colors and style. You can spell your name, write a word like “sunshine,” or just use fun colors! Match them to your outfit and rock them all day. Cheap and fun!

Baby Tees

These are already coming back in style, and let’s keep it that way. There are so many fun graphic baby tees that can make any outfit cute. If you have a shirt that’s slightly too small, make it a baby tee!

Summer 2024 is coming fast, but let’s hit rewind and bring back some of the trends that really made us love summer! Get inspired to try some of the old trends that you remember most as a kid.

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Hi! My name is Vega Scholpp and I'm a freshman at FSU! This is my second semester writing for Her Campus. I am a Media/Communication Studies Major, studying to be a Broadcast Journalist. In my free time I love to read, go to the beach, listen to Taylor Swift, play sports, and have game nights with my friends! Go Noles!