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Crystals 101: Five Essential Crystals To Start Your Collection

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Now that 2020 is finally over, it’s time to cleanse our space and let the good vibes in. One of my favorite ways to ensure my area is full of positivity is through crystals. Each gem has its own properties and intentions behind them. With thousands of crystals that exist, it can be very overwhelming to figure out which ones are best for you, which ones complement each other and which ones contradict each other. Here is my list of some basic crystals I believe everyone should have in their collection.

Clear Quartz

Even if you think you know nothing about crystals, you at least know this one. It’s one of the most recognized gemstones as it’s completely clear colored. This crystal is known as an amplifier, so it’s beneficial to put it near another crystal with a benefit you want to be intensified. On its own, this gem is excellent for regulation, concentration and memory. If you don’t have this one near another crystal, I recommend placing it in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, really anywhere you will see it often. The crystal will serve as a reminder to slow down and reinforce balance. The best way to cleanse this one is saltwater or moonlight.

Black Tourmaline 

This crystal is entirely black and usually comes as a large chunk with rough edges. This one is perfect for protection and getting rid of negative energies. This is one of the more powerful protection crystals as it cleanses and protects. Another unique thing about this crystal specifically is that it absorbs electromagnetic frequencies. So, I keep mine on my desk near my laptop and where I charge my phone at night. It can also be placed near your bed to help with dreams or in your car to protect you while you’re driving. Since this crystal absorbs negative energy, it’s crucial that it’s cleansed regularly. For black tourmaline, that means to soak it in saltwater or leave it outside in the sun. 


Sage and Selenite Wand
Photo by Renee Kiffin from Unsplash
This one is, by far, my favorite crystal I own. It comes as long bars, and the coloring is so pretty! The white is shimmery and reflective, so it’s sure to brighten up any space you put it in. The best thing about this crystal is it’s entirely self-cleansing, and it can cleanse other crystals if placed on or near it. Because of this property, they can be placed anywhere, and I move mine around frequently depending on which crystals I think need the cleaning boost. Pro tip: if you use a crystal face roller, put it on a piece of Selenite regularly because it also absorbs impurities and bad vibes from your face!

Tiger’s Eye

This crystal is best if you need a motivation boost or just some energy back into your life. Its gold and brown stripes make this such an attractive stone, and every piece is unique. I recommend this one for every student, especially after the year we had and still being mostly online this semester. Although it cannot get rid of deadlines, it makes handling the anxiety and worry a bit more manageable. If you’re going through doubts or indecisiveness, meditating with this stone could help you out! This one requires a salt bath and sunlight for about two hours.


The amethyst is another easily identifiable stone due to its iconic purple color and the multitude of forms it comes in. This is another stress-relieving stone that also aids in releasing negativity and encouraging spirituality. It’s claimed to help get into meditative states, and it is a great option if you’re just starting manifestation practices. This crystal is cleansed best when returned to the earth, so in running water or direct sunlight. Since this is a balancing crystal, it does not need to be cleaned as often as protective stones, like Black Tourmaline.

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Rebecca is a student at Florida State University located in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. She is double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Rebecca enjoys going to football games, acai bowls, and finding new ways to practice growth and self-love!
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