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As a society, we have seen a significant shift in cigarette and smoking culture. People see cigarettes as this disgusting chemical object that is extremely bad and are very quick to judge you for smoking a cigarette. We all relish that point of view because cigarette smoke is one of the worst things you can ingest into your body. The chemicals a cigarette has such as formaldehyde, which is a chemical that happens to be used in building materials such as resin and in cleaning materials, does unimaginable damage to a human body. In short, the fact that cigarette culture is basically canceled is a great leap for society. However, no matter how many steps forward that put us, we’re going back to square one due to the addiction to e-cigarettes and vaporizers, commonly known as the brand-name Juul. As a college student, I see students compulsively using their vapes around the clock, 24/7, which is extremely worrisome since most are forming a nicotine addiction. With brands such as Juul and Puff Bar producing a range of flavors to be smoked alongside the nicotine, people view vapes as this enjoyable and portable hookah. The appealing flavors combined with the nicotine head buzz result in addiction by the user.

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The reason why this addiction is more alarming than ever is because of the rampage of the COVID-19 virus. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. It typically causes pneumonia in one or both lungs and leads to a series of complications, even death. With no current vaccine, the only solution to this indefinite problem is to practice social distancing and to practice healthy tendencies. That means no smoking. 

COVID-19 is more likely to cause more severe complications in people with autoimmune diseases or weakened immune systems, and people who experience complications in their respiratory system. Smoking causes just that – complications in respiratory systems. Even though people view vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, it is actually equally as likely to cause respiratory infections, which turn you into an easy target for COVID-19. 

E-cigarettes are a trend more common amongst teenagers and young adults. That being said, those generations had a lot of faith in the idea that coronavirus only affects older people and people with compromised immune systems. However, they fail to realize that with excessive use of e-cigarettes, they have compromised their own immune systems. Not only that, vapers are not only putting themselves in danger, but they are also putting second-hand smokers in harm’s way. It was noted that people who suffer from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have had constant flare-ups when they come in contact with vape smoke, and that puts them more at risk to the susceptibility and repercussions of COVID-19. 

So, if you’ve been scrolling through articles because you’ve been paranoid that your vaping is making you more susceptible to coronavirus, here is your answer: YES, IT IS! Stop putting yourself and others around you at risk and prioritize your health during these trying times. Stop ingesting these chemicals into your body because they will weaken your cells and organs and will increase your chances of catching the ‘rona. 

Stay safe, don’t vape and wash your hands. 

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Bana Habash is a Florida state student majoring in international affairs and minoring in film studies. She is a beauty assistant for clutch magazine and a staff writer for HerCampus. She loves reading, singing, writing, and filmmaking. If she could spend a day with one celebrity, it would be Hayley Williams from Paramore.
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