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Confessions of a Lipstick Addict

It’s difficult to pinpoint when my habit of picking up whatever Lip Smackers and tubes of Chapstick I could get my hands during routine drug store runs transformed into the impulse to swatch and buy lipstick from just about anywhere that sells it. There wasn’t a cemented rule in my household wedged between age and ability to wear makeup, perhaps due to my interests in performing and theater: activities that depended on the use of cosmetics. However, I didn’t wear lipstick growing up, despite my freedom to. In the small northern town where I once lived, girls didn’t really dabble in wearing makeup in public until late middle school. By the time I became of age to explore with my friends, I moved to Florida.  

Somehow, I came to associate wearing lipstick with seeking attention, and being in an environment so different from where I grew up, drawing attention to myself was the last thing I wanted to do. Throughout high school I would indulge my fascination, picking up various lipsticks from both high end and low-end brands to wear on the weekends, not to wear at school. I was uncomfortable with the idea of people thinking I was “trying too hard” and was worried about embarrassing smudging or misapplication that would cause me to have to wait in line for a mirror in the crowded bathrooms. Upon graduating high school, I realized I was being too timid and worried about the thoughts of others. Now, as a freshman in college, I frequently wear lipstick, because I like it.

Having a lipstick addiction is not something to shy away from.  Wearing lipstick is not a cry for attention or childish. It can be empowering, transformative, and honestly, just fun to wear.  My love for lipstick provided me with a common ground between my suitemate and I sparking a friendship that might not have happened otherwise.

My collection has grown in size since I first took an interest in lipstick.  Its color range and brands varying greatly.  Here are a few brands and finishes that I have found on my journey with lipstick to be life proof, food proof, kiss proof . . . and others that are not.



The lipsticks from Tarte are a holy grail. Regardless of how they dry down, from a matte to satin, Tarte’s lipsticks are long-lasting. My favorite product from Tarte is their Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, as it is easy to apply, goes on smooth and stays on throughout the day. The pigment is strong and there is little transfer, making this lippie a go to. Tarte lipsticks do tend to be in a higher price range, most starting at $20.

Courtesy: Tarte Costmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

If you’re going somewhere for a short period of time in which you will not be sipping from a cup or picking up a fork, Kylie’s Matte Liquid Lipsticks might be for you. The colors are beautiful and the range is breathtaking.  However, the product does tend to transfer. If you don’t exfoliate your lips with a scrub the product can be difficult to apply, despite the liner that comes with a lip kit. Depending on if you purchase a lip kit or just a single, prices range from $17 -$29.

Courtesy: Amazon

Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is a cosmetic brand that can be found in drugs stores and Ulta Beauty. Finding this brand has been a game changer.  The tube lipsticks come in gorgeous nudes and dashing bolds. They are not long-lasting, but they are easy to reapply and build. My favorite is their Completely Balmy Lipstick. Don’t be deterred by its neon looking pigment, as when it sits on the lips, it becomes a natural nude. Prices fall in the middle of the spectrum at $12 for most lip products.

Courtesy: Glam Radar

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