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A College Student’s Guide To Being Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of the semester again. For some, this means saying goodbye to your university as you prepare for graduation and life after college, while for others it is only the end of one small chapter of your college story. Either way, this time of year can feel bittersweet. You may feel sadness as you leave your friends at school while simultaneously feeling excited and happy to see your family again. 

While you may love your family with all of your heart, sometimes it’s difficult to transition back to living with them after you’ve been away at school. You go from being an independent college student who’s used to doing whatever whenever, to living back under your parents' roof with their rules and having to ask permission to do things. It’s like you are in this strange limbo of being a full adult while also still being a kid. So as you head home for the holidays here are some things to keep in mind. 

1. Set some boundaries 

You may have realized once you got home that there are some things your family does that really bother you. These can be things that were common occurrences before you left for college and you only realize how much they bother you after being away for a semester. This can be anything from your brothers constantly pestering you with questions to your mother making off-handed comments about your weight. Whatever it may be, communicate with your family about what might be bothering you and why. Having an open and honest conversation will prevent hostility from forming and will foster change. 

2. Get out of the house

[bf_image id="kwhbk463hmqv4b32k2mj9hk"] I’ll admit it, spending time 24/7 with your family can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Alone time and time away from your family is important so make sure while you are home to get out of the house. Small things such as walking your dog or making a run to Target can help create a buffer. 

3. Keep in touch with your friends

While you are home don’t forget about those amazing friends you made while at college. Take time to call or FfaceTtime them to catch up (and maybe even rant about your crazy families). At the same time remember those friends that you made in high school before you left for college. This break may be the perfect opportunity to reach out to friends from home to catch up and share some stories about your college experience. 

4. Your family will not be around forever

[bf_image id="mn3smqkz947hpsvjvq99kq4"] Yes, it may be annoying to answer for the 15th time what you are majoring in and maybe you really don’t want to go to your grandmother's house for her annual Christmas dinner, but keep in mind that these people will not be around forever. No one is immune to the effects of time. People can attempt to evade aging as much as they want, but inevitably time catches up to them. So hug your mom a little tighter, pick up the phone when your great aunt calls and listen to your grandpa when he tells stories about the good old days; because one day, the hugs may not be as tight, the phone may not ring and the stories may come to an end. The time we have with the people we love is limited, so cherish it before it slips away. 

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