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The Claws Are Coming Out Early on This Season of The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Last week, Bachelor Nation got their first glimpses of the ladies vying for Colton’s heart (and virginity) on this season of The Bachelor. Like every season, the first night meant the ladies got to know each other, fans picked their favorite personalities, and the contestants made premature enemies! From the start, Catherine, a 26-year-old DJ from Fort Lauderdale, was turning heads and rubbing people the wrong way for giving Colton her dog (yeah, you read that right) to watch for her, and stealing the most eligible Bachelor in the room from four different sit-downs with other women. Onyeka, a 24-year-old IT Consultant from Dallas, was the one to step up and let her know how people were feeling after multiple people expressed discomfort, and while Catherine faked a smile and some care, she went right back to scooping Colton up for some more 1-on-1 time. Well, Onyeka wasn’t having it anymore and came to Colton’s rescue — wearing a snorkel and diving mask because he was “drowning in b*tches,” of course! Catherine didn’t give her the benefit of a reaction, but you can bet the stage was set for these two. Both ladies received a rose from Colton at the end of the first night and carried the animosity into their first group date with Colton and special guests Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. The group date entailed some quaint speeches about their different first experiences and somehow ended in a mention of the snorkel incident. Catherine didn’t hold back this time, knocking over the mic entirely and letting all her competitors know that Colton might be drowning but she’s a pretty good swimmer! It might be irritating for the rest of the mansion, but Catherine’s confidence is admirable and entertaining as heck. Not to mention Onyeka has begun to steal Colton from time with other ladies herself, by way of some pretty loud gestures! It’ll be interesting to see how these ladies try to keep their cool going forward, but even more so in front of the man, they’re all feuding over in the first place.

Courtesy: ABC

Catherine and Onyeka was the only conflict to bubble over in episode one, but it wasn’t long before they had some company in the ring. The ladies were very forward in the aforementioned first experience “presentations,” talking about a lot of their first times revolving Colton himself– their first time dating someone who wasn’t Hispanic, their first time dating someone younger, and their first times dating a virgin (when are all the virginity jokes going to stop?!) Demi, a 23-year-old Interior Designer, in particular, talked about how an early experience with a guy taught her to go for what she wants instead of waiting around. She went right for what she wanted at that moment, and leaped right off the stage and into Colton’s arms to plant one on him in front of all the girls plus their 200 person guest audience! While everyone was visibly upset, Tracy, a 31-year-old Wardrobe Stylist of the self-titled pack of cougars, took an especially offended stance. After Demi tried to take claim over the second nights rose, Tracy decided enough was enough and threw some advice Demi’s way. She explained that other girls weren’t happy with her self-aggrandizing show. Demi apologized and grinned through the whole convo but she turned around and continued in her deluded cloud of being Colton’s number one. As if one hiccup wasn’t enough for these two, they bumped heads once more during the second cocktail party where Demi stole him away upstairs in nothing but her ROBE and sent Tracy sneaking upstairs to break out in full blown tears over this alleged mean girl tactic.

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Some contestants are garnering the disapproval of other girls in the house, while other contestants have tension yet to be fully developed. The whole mansion is shaking their heads at Demi’s inflated ego and Onyeka’s new attention seeking tactics. Hannah B. and Caelynn, Miss Alabama and Miss North Carolina respectively, were friends in their pageant days but saw their friendship strained by their competitiveness when Caelynn placed in Miss USA and Hannah did not. You know, the typical reason women hate each other these days! The two have discretely been commenting to other girls in the house about the situation; Caelynn was bothered by the thought of what Hannah B. could be doing on her first date with Colton, and for Hannah B. the very thought of Caelynn spending time with Colton made her uneasy. Thankfully for us, all of the problematic queens received roses on last night’s episode! You can bet we’ll be tuning in next week to see what kind of chaos ensues. Promos for the rest of the season promise that there is much more to come and the drama isn’t over yet, for the contestants AND for Colton. Although, is the drama ever over for Bachelor Nation? Tune in to ABC next Monday, January 21st at 8 P.M. where the answer will absolutely be no!

Kassandra Curiel is currently a Senior majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Political Science at Florida State.When she's not writing for Her Campus FSU you can cach her watching really bad reality TV, crying because she misses her dog, or re-watching La La Land for the 80th time (this year). 
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