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Check Out What’s New in College Town

The College Town district is, without a doubt, one of the most popular areas for FSU students. Whether you’re having brunch at MadSo or making your way to Recess on a Tuesday, the trendy spot provides endless entertainment and delicious food.

The two newest additions, Coosh’s and Madga’s provide different, yet equally intriguing menus destined to draw in a crowd. As always College Town manages to present us with the exact places we didn’t know we needed.

With an original location on Old Water Oak Road, bringing Coosh’s to College Town is ideal for Florida State students looking for New Orleans inspired food with an incredible selection of frozen daiquiris. 

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The restaurant and bar feature the same charming atmosphere found at other popular College Town locations but delivers a whole new set of flavors. The vast menu has everything from seafood and jambalaya to burgers and plenty more to choose from.

Coosh’s, created by a local Tallahassee couple with Louisiana roots, has transformed every Tuesday into Fat Tuesday by serving $5 daiquiris. Since they’re open until 2 am, it’s  an ideal place to start your night before going out or lounging with your friends to rid of your early week blues.

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Magda’s, on the other hand, is a great option for someone on the run or looking for something sweet. This place is guaranteed to become your one-stop spot for the perfect snacks and Instagram photos.

It’s fair to say the one thing missing from College Town was an ice cream shop. Luckily, now we have one and so much more. Their menu features ice cream, of course, ranging in flavors and toppings. In addition, the shop serves Lucky Goat coffee in its three forms: hot, cold, and espresso.If you’re not impressed by that, they also have a cereal milk latte which sounds like a great, well-rounded breakfast to me.

If you’re more of a savory person, don’t fret because Magda’s also has pizza on the menu. If for some odd reason you are not able to finish one on your own, here you can pick up a single slice of pizza making Magda’s a place of convenience as well. 

The most noteworthy thing Magda’s provides is a special treat named “The Magda’s” which they describe on Facebook as a “brioche bun filled with Nutella, bananas, and vanilla ice cream.”

Courtesy: Facebook

Overall, their menu is impressive and way more expansive than I originally imagined. For being such a seemingly small place, they have options for just about everyone.

Both Coosh’s and Magda’s have brought their own individuality to the area making them both hard to resist. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, which we all know you will be, stir things up by supporting these new businesses.

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