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The Celebrities Raising Money for COVID-19 and How

The coronavirus has caused many people to lose their main source of income all around the world – especially within the United States. Along with this, the U.S. – a first-world country – is facing a low supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Medical officials, as well as the average citizen. When PPE is made available, it is only made readily available to health professionals while the average U.S. citizen must fight with their peers for what’s left at stores or wait for trucks to be unloaded and unpacked. Many celebrities have seen the struggle that U.S. citizens are facing and have come together to raise money for the coronavirus cause. These are their stories.

Pink, the American singer, announced she was diagnosed with the virus early April – along with her three-year-old son. While she and her son successfully recovered from the virus, she was astonished by the lack of tests available to the average citizen. In an announcement explained on Vanity Fair, she went on to state that she was grateful enough to receive a testing kit in a sound manner from when she first experienced symptoms. Due to this, Pink donated $1 million towards the pandemic cause in order to aid virus-endeavors – such as generating more testing kits that are more readily available to average citizens of the U.S. community.

P-Diddy and Jennifer Lopez have a relationship history that dates back to the ’90s and the early 2000s. While they are currently no longer in a romantic relationship, they parted their differences to come together in order to raise money for the coronavirus cause. They did this through hosting an Instagram live “Club Quarantine” event where they had music, good vibes, and laughter all while giving other Instagrammers the opportunity to join the event. Altogether, P-Diddy and Jennifer Lopez raised over $3 million for the coronavirus cause. The donations came from friends and fans on their live stream donating towards the cause.

Jay-Z, who runs the Shawn Carter Foundation, has also made efforts to donate towards the pandemic efforts through his foundation. He announced on Mar. 31 that he will be contributing $1 million to relief efforts. Similar to Jay-Z, Rihanna also donated $1 million towards coronavirus relief efforts through her foundation – the Clara Lionel foundation founded in 2012. Other celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, have also been taking a stand and the initiative to donate money towards the cause of the coronavirus with her virtual concert, One World Together at Home.

While many have been complaining about celebrities not making the effort to donate enough towards the cause, there is a large number of celebrities donating towards the cause out of sincerity – as well as wanting to give back to the community. Any small donation is helping aid in the production of test kits and prevention of the coronavirus which is bringing relief day by day.

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