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Castles You Can Rent for a “Bridgerton” Inspired Getaway

If you’re like me, you’re probably living in one of the 63 million homes all over the world that have already binged the latest Netflix series Bridgerton. I’m sure you’re now looking for other ways to feed the obsession. From the lavish parties to the beautiful wardrobe and even the stunning backdrops, viewers can’t help but be sucked into this fantasy world. Luckily, I have found a few castles that you can rent to live out all of your Bridgerton inspired dreams. So when it’s safe to travel again (you wouldn’t want Lady Whistledown to write about your scandal if you traveled during a pandemic), pack your pearls and your best ball gowns and stay at one of these real-life castles.  

1. Victorian Gothic ‘Fairytale’ Castle 

This beautiful Victorian Gothic ‘Fairytale’ Castle is located in Teignmouth, Devon, United Kingdom, and only costs $396 per night. The property can host nine guests and consists of five bedrooms, six beds and one and a half baths. The interior is full of uniquely patterned wallpaper and stunning chandeliers. The castle is also just down the road from the ocean and offers guests breathtaking views. 

2. Wilton Castle 

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I mean go big or go home right? Wilton Castle is located in Bree, County Wexford, Ireland and it is breathtaking. With seven bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, this place can host up to 14 of your closest friends. Wilton Castle allows visitors to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside while remaining close to several busy towns. The castle comes with a large amount of property both inside and outside to explore. Given its enormous size, along with all of the amenities this rental will cost you $1,431 per night. What can I say? Even renting a place fit for a queen comes with a high price tag. 

3. ‘The Castle Cottage’ Overlooking Lake George

If you’re not looking to go across the pond to live like the Duke and Duchess, this mini-castle located in Bolton, New York is perfect for you. Six guests can indulge in a royal getaway at ‘The Castle Cottage,’ where views of the stunning Lake George are right outside the door. The property costs $515 per night and provides guests with two enormous bedrooms and one bathroom. The best part is that you get to that European vibe without the painful eight-hour plane ride. 

4. Balintore Castle

Located in Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom, Balintore Castle is rooted in rich history. Since 1860, the castle has been hosting guests and has recently undergone a few renovations ensuring guests get the best stay possible. If you’re looking for that extra touch, the housekeeper is available to prepare meals for the evening and breakfast upon request. The property has three bedrooms, four beds, one bathroom, has room for six guests and rents for $356 nightly. Talk about a royally sweet deal!

Since we’ll all be waiting around for the next season of Bridgerton to be released, start planning that royal getaway now! So, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few vacations to plan that will most definitely include booking a few nights at these castles!

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Kylee Seaver is a senior at Florida State University, studying Media Communications with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. She enjoys traveling, fashion, and anything by Taylor Swift.
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