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Carrie Bradshaw’s Guide To Dressing Couture in 2020

For over 20 years, women have admired the notable fashion choices of Sex and the City characters, but none compare to Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. From sporting a Dior newspaper dress to somehow pulling off a tutu, Carrie always keeps admirers of the show on their toes. As a whole, Sex and the City faced the unique task of relating high-fashion city life to suburban women in the 90s and 2000s. It not only showed the two similarities in their dating life but also brought designer style to the suburbs. Carrie’s taste is difficult to match, but with modern-day apps and websites, it becomes easier to embrace her style while minding your budget.

1. Thrift/Vintage Stores

Tip number one comes directly from Bradshaw herself. On weekends, Carrie is a regular at vintage shops around New York City, even finding her classic wedding ensemble at one. Thrift and vintage stores provide customers with an array of worn-in, yet high-fashion pieces such as houndstooth blazers and black turtlenecks. They are a haven for shoulder bags, belts and shoes that could be the perfect statement piece. Check the labels for a designer, but remember the piece is still stylish if it isn't a name-brand. Carrie frequently wears peasant shirts and furs, occasionally color blocks, and always scours the accessories for a pair of unwanted Manolo Blahniks.

2. The Real Real & Treasures of NYC

[bf_image id="q5pdx6-6l05eo-2bj2qe"]

Designer handbags are considered ordinary on the show, but they are not affordable for many college women. Instead of dipping into savings, take advantage of luxury consignment websites such as The Real Real and Treasures of NYC. Characters on the show sport Dior saddlebags and Fendi baguette bags, and would most certainly swoon over buying these products at more reasonable prices. 

3. Fashion Upcycling

Tik Tok consists of many fashion upcycling videos and tricks. Some of the best are bleach dying, using satin ribbons as new laces for an old pair of sneakers, and creating a Dior headband with a scarf. While Carrie rarely chooses tennis shoes over heels, she has worn a tie-dye look and statement headbands. A great clothing upcycling Tik Toker is Janette Ok (@inmyseams).

4. Solid Colors

Carrie sometimes opts for solid colors at professional events because they can give the illusion of being more chic and sophisticated than intense patterns. Solids are also easier to pair, allowing the creation of many outfits with one purchase. 

5. Depop & Poshmark

Depop and Poshmark are a great resource for elegant midi dresses and skirts, vests, and striking hats that are often on the show. They also provide the ability to shop for snazzy pieces at your own convenience, which is especially handy in a pandemic!

6. Jewelry

Currently, layered gold chains and jewelry are very popular, especially with fall on the way. In the show, Carrie has a meaningful gold nameplate, however, she believes silver jewelry is more classic. Jewelry can be an investment, so think about what would match your wardrobe best. Gold accents warm tones nicely, while silver compliments cool tones.

7. Masks!

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This outfit feature was not popular during Carrie Bradshaw’s time, but is an essential item now. If they were needed in the 90s, Sex and the City characters would definitely pick elaborate designs that become the focal point of the outfit.

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