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Cardi B Interviews Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

"WAP" rapper Cardi B recently interviewed Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden on a multitude of extremely relevant topics. The topics of COVID-19, police brutality toward people of color and more crises that United States is currently facing were discussed between the two. 

Cardi B starts the interview off in shock that she is talking to someone who could be the potential United States President this upcoming November. After introducing themselves to each other through Zoom, they begin to discuss more personal topics, such as Biden's grandchildren. They familiarize themselves with one another as much as they possibly can before diving into the various topics.

[bf_image id="qcc6nn-8j7088-3a1eae"] They move on to discussing the first subject, which is COVID-19, the pandemic that everyone is currently facing all over the nation. This question was especially important for Biden as many voters will refer to this and other interviews that Biden holds prior to the Nov. 3 election. After Cardi B states that she wants answers about the pandemic and that she is annoyed when someone tells her she doesn't have to wear a mask, she continues by saying she wants free Medicare. Most importantly, she wants justice for people of color. Biden responds by stating, “There's no reason why we can't have all of that.”  Biden believes that the U.S. is in a position where there's an opportunity to make so much progress.

Cardi B continues the COVID-19 discussion, stating that the current president is playing games by telling the public on one day that people are facing nothing and the next day that everyone needs to go out and get tested. Joe Biden once again comes back by saying that this is all unnecessary and that it doesn't have to happen. Biden continued, saying that in 2016, if 18 to 24-year-olds voted in the same percentage as the rest of the population, then the U.S. wouldn't have the current president that it has today.

The interview continues onto a topic Biden and Cardi B agree is especially important for this year, which is voting. Biden tells Cardi B, “That’s why you [need] to keep talking to people about the need to vote. Your generation can own what happens in the next election. They can change things dramatically if they show up and vote.” Biden directs a question to Cardi B and asks what she is most concerned about for her fans. Cardi B responds by saying, “A lot of fans are concerned about free college and Medicare, especially now that people are getting sick left and right.” 

As the interview comes to a close, it is clear that Cardi B and Joe Biden are on the same side for the upcoming election this Nov. 3. To watch the interview, go to Elle Magazine’s website.

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