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belly and taylor on the boardwalk in the summer i turned pretty season 2
belly and taylor on the boardwalk in the summer i turned pretty season 2
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Which ‘TSITP’ Character You Are Based on Your FSU Dorm Hall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I’m a little late to The Summer I Turned Pretty (TSITP) game, as I finally finished the first and second seasons last week, but it’s safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed. From the back-and-forth between Belly’s beloved brother duo to Steven and Taylor’s slow burn that we all wanted from Belly herself, this show rocks. Let’s not forget Susannah and Laurel’s girl-boss best friendship that makes me want to rent out a summer house with my bestie. This show has so many layers and gives us all the storylines of a not-so-typical teenage experience, and we cannot get enough.

All of the characters are so different, yet their personalities fit together (somewhat) seamlessly, just like our campus here at Florida State University (FSU). All the way from Azalea to Salley, the FSU dorm hall situation is a perplexing yet cohesive family, just like in TSITP. Based on your dorm hall, you reflect a certain TSITP character, and this list will tell you exactly which one you are.

Traditions as Belly

Traditions is known for being one of the best places to live on campus due to its apartment style and proximity to everything on campus. Similar to Belly being stuck in the middle of two brothers, Traditions is stuck in between the entirety of campus. Whether you want to go over to the STEM side of campus or the social Landis side, you’re able to go back and forth with seemingly no consequences (similar to a certain character by the name of Belly), except for being a bit out of breath.

Another thing worth noting is that almost every single person on campus wants to live in Traditions. Belly is definitely used to this feeling with almost every single man in Cousins Beach wanting her all at once.

Degraff as Conrad

Like Conrad, Degraff Hall is dark, moody, and aloof. Especially in the first season, Conrad’s inability to express his emotions and get out of his head perfectly reflects Degraff residents’ inability to get out of their own hall. The only way to get onto campus from Degraff is through a small, white tunnel underground or by crossing a busy intersection with many questionable characters around. However, the inside of Degraff was recently renovated and is pretty spacious. Both Conrad and Degraff tug at our heartstrings with their sweet interiors but push us away because of their difficult and inconvenient way of portraying themselves.

Azalea/Magnolia as Jeremiah

Ahhh… Azalea and Magnolia, the dorm halls that every freshman drools over. Jeremiah definitely gives off golden retriever energy, and so do Azalea and Magnolia as the newly renovated dorms on campus. I feel like if Jeremiah were a freshman at FSU, he definitely would have gotten one of the highest contract numbers just so he could eat at 1851 every day. You would find him face-deep in some Tally Mac Shack.

Cawthon as Steven

Cawthon, home to many music students, is located in the heart of campus. If Steven were a freshman here at FSU, there is no doubt in my mind that he would spend every night vibing to the late-night music coming from the practice rooms in Cawthon. It’s also one of the most social dorms on campus, which is an environment Steven would absolutely thrive in.

Wildwood as Taylor

Similar to Steven, Taylor is a socialite at heart. Maybe that’s why they go so well together. I personally never lived in Wildwood, but I would hear about their constant events going on through social media, and I know for a fact that Taylor would have gone to every single one. Honestly, she probably would have been Hall President.

Wildwood is also in a great location, similar to Traditions, which places her directly next to her best friend Belly and the gym. The Leach is a giant gymnasium on campus, otherwise known as home to some frat guys. Taylor would definitely be playing volleyball with her best friends at the Leach and take advantage of all of the free exercise classes that they have to offer.

Dorman & Deviney as Cam Cameron

Similar to Dorman & Deviney, Cam is a strong contender in the race for Belly’s heart but is overlooked by other boys in Cousins, AKA Azalea and Magnolia. Dorman & Deviney are arguably some of the best dorms on campus, but you never hear anyone talk about them when looking for a dorm hall. In my opinion, Cam would have been an amazing fit for Belly. He always puts her first and makes her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Azalea and Magnolia are always in the spotlight, though (like Conrad and Jeremiah in Belly’s heart), leaving no room for poor Dorman & Deviney/Cam Cameron.

Landis as Laurel

This placement is the absolute perfect dorm for our dear Laurel. Being a writer, I just know she would spend hours upon hours in the Landis lobby, which resembles an antique library in certain areas. There is no doubt that Laurel would have been an honors student at FSU as well. She would have thrived living in Landis and being able to chill out on Landis Green to read.

Ragans as Susannah

Ragans is loved by everyone, just like how everyone who watches TSITP absolutely adores Susannah. Each person has their own room and shares a bathroom with one other person. Does this remind anyone of a certain house in Cousins? The sheer size of Ragans makes the apartment-style dorm the Cousins house of FSU.

Salley as Aunt Julia

When we first met Aunt Julia in the show, we all immediately disliked her. We can say the same for those who arrive at Salley Hall, notoriously the worst dorm on campus. Living in Salley Hall last year was definitely hard in the beginning. However, I eventually started to warm up to it and find the best in it. Once Aunt Julia was able to talk to Laurel about her history with the Cousins house, we were able to see a new side of her, which eventually led to her redemption.

McCollum as Skye

Skye is definitely not very similar to the main group of teenagers in the show, being that they wouldn’t love the whole social aspect of living in a normal dorm hall. This is why I placed them in McCollum, one of the spots that is farther away from the hustle and bustle of campus life. I also think that they would appreciate having all that space since they grew to love the Cousins house after being there in season 2.

As we can see, all of these characters would have thrived at Florida State. Whether that’s in the middle of campus or far away, in a giant room or the tiniest of them all, they perfectly embody these certain dorms. Maybe we should petition them to come here for Season 3.

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Reese Hrannarsson is a staff writer at the Her Campus at Florida State University chapter. She writes bi-weekly articles surrounding personal, culture, and campus topics. Beyond Her Campus, Reese is the Director of Finance for Florida State University's Women Student Union and the Secretary for the Women In Government club. She is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics and is interested in working in government. In her free time, Reese enjoys going biking and spending time with family and friends. She also loves travelling and hopes to travel to every U.S. capital.