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Before I needed caffeine to survive, I was an avid tea drinker. My favorite store for a time was The Tea Caddy in EPCOT’s United Kingdom pavilion (don’t come for me, it’s seriously addictive). However, after I got over my “coffee tastes awful” phase, I put tea on the back burner. Lately though, without a coffee pot in my dorm, I’ve been more inclined to make tea instead.

I like getting to choose from the four boxes dangerously stacked on top of my mini fridge and recommending them to my friends when I think I’ve found the new best flavor. Since I’m diving back into my tea obsession, I wanted to share my opinions on what tea I think each FSU dorm should be drinking. 

Landis Hall

Starting off very obvious here with Stress Relief. I don’t know what exactly you honors kids have going on but I’m sure it’s a lot. This is also one of my favorite teas I’ve tasted, so consider this an honor (pun intended). 

Azalea and magnolia hall

How does it feel to live my dream? You guys have everything any FSU freshman could ever want out of a dorm (a dining hall, close proximity to Landis, etc.). I just can’t imagine any of you feeling negative about this, so I’m giving you Yogi’s Positive Energy tea. 

Cawthon hall

Oh, my lovely music major friends! I’m recommending you some of Yogi’s Throat Comfort. With all the singers and musicians, I think this may be needed. It also tastes really good.


Replying to @….shyla my guide for teas #tea #wellness

♬ original sound – Anastazia

salley hall

Home sweet Salley. Here I’m giving myself and my fellow residents Yogi’s Immune Support tea. I’m starting to think the black mold jokes aren’t really jokes anymore. Whether it’s all the extra walking we do, springtime allergies, or mold allegations, I think some immune support is definitely needed. 

deviney and dorman hall

These dorms are pretty average to me. I don’t hear any complaints or praise. I’m going to give you guys a nice basic green tea. Maybe try it iced? 

wildwood hall

I know this dorm isn’t as unfortunately placed as Salley, but it is a bit out of the way of the main campus. Here’s some of Yogi’s Perfect Energy tea to help you get to and from your dorm.

bryan and reynolds hall

Bryan and Reynolds, I’m giving you Yogi’s Purely Peppermint to help with digestion. Personally, if my dorm was quite literally attached to the Suwannee dining hall, I would swipe in at 8 a.m. and stay there the entire day. This recommendation would come in handy in that case. 


I must have a soft spot for unfortunately placed dorms because I’m giving DeGraff Hall another one of my personal favorites: Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepytime Tea. I feel like you guys might need this considering you’re living next to the iconic Tally Strip. I know it keeps you up at night. 

jennie murphree hall

I feel like my friends from Jennie Murphree Hall are little hidden gems. This dorm doesn’t get talked about enough. I’ve heard you guys have tub rooms on some floors?! Here’s a unique tea for this unique dorm: Yogi’s Lemon Ginger Tea.

gilchrist hall

Again, I don’t hear much about Gilchrist. I used to visit Gilchrist when the Landis ice machine was broken, so I appreciate your hospitality. You guys seem calm and collected. I feel like you would enjoy some Earl Grey tea. 

I went off of vibes here, so if your dorm didn’t get your favorite tea, I’m very sorry. Hopefully, you agree with my tea and dorm pairings and maybe I’ve even inspired you to go out and try something new. Happy tea drinking!

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Savanna is majoring in English editing, writing, and media at FSU. In her free time she’s picking up a good book, listening to her favorite artists, or spending time with her friends.