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What Hunger Games District You’re in Based on Your FSU Dorm Hall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Among the plethora of Everlark edits and elaborate fan theories, The Hunger Games resurgence has consumed my TikTok For You Page and social media timelines. The revival of the popular book trilogy has been the topic of many of my recent conversations, forming heated debates about who among my friends would be a part of each district. While these discussions do become unnecessarily and hilariously intense, I thought it would be the perfect time to elaborate upon this subject further, and perhaps group the Florida State University (FSU) dorms into the districts of Panem. After thoroughly debating with myself, I think I have curated a map of the districts of FSU and decided which dorm would ultimately produce the most victors.

district 1: magnolia and azalea

Representing the rich and lavish District 1, Magnolia and Azalea Hall would hold the wealthiest of Capitol citizens. Considering they’re the newest dorms at FSU, Magnolia and Azalea are the most renovated of the dorms and are strategically located near various popular spots on campus, including 1851 and CVS. Not only do they have the food to survive, but also their placement by CVS provides them with essential supplies like medicine. Due to their positive reputations and high status among the freshman dorms, Magnolia and Azalea are difficult halls to get into, further matching the unattainable and luxurious vibes of District 1.

district 2: dorman

Being located more centrally on campus, Dorman Hall fits the criteria for District 2. It would easily be able to provide weapons and machinery for the Capitol. Since District 2 is one of the largest communities in Panem, I believe Dorman fits this description, mainly because one in every four freshmen I’ve encountered has told me they live in Dorman. Most importantly, since District 2 is canonically home to wealthy citizens in Panem, the proximity between Magnolia, Azalea, and Dorman makes this parallel too fitting.

district 3: ragans and traditions

Among all the dorms on campus, Ragans and Traditions Hall are constantly fought over due to their apartment-style rooms equipped with a kitchen, private bathrooms, and private bedrooms. These two halls have more technology than any other dorm hall, hence their designation as District 3, the community that supplies Panem’s technology.

district 4: wildwood

Since this dorm hall is the closest to the Leach (FSU’s student gym), Wildwood’s residents have access to the pool to train their swimming skills. Also, let’s consider the tribute who came from District 4: Finnick Odair. Finnick was the youngest victor of the Games, surviving at the age of 14 thanks to his exceptional combat skills. I feel as though Wildwood’s residents would match this energy since something chaotic is always occurring every time I visit this hall. From random yelling to constant hallway stampedes, this hall’s intense energy matches that of its parallel district and victor.

district 5: cawthon

Cawthon Hall is located in the center of campus, facing Landis Green and neighboring Strozier Library. Therefore, I feel that this hall represents District 5’s responsibility of powering Panem (or FSU). Cawthon is home to the Music Living Learning Community (LLC) and the Women in Math, Science, and Engineering LLC. Through the power of music and women in STEM, this dorm hall would singlehandedly electrify the districts.

district 6: deviney

Next to the infamous and annoyingly overcrowded Traditions parking garage, Deviney Hall represents District 6, the community responsible for transportation. Sure, the transportation around FSU/Panem won’t be seamless, efficient, or reliable… but maybe you’ll find parking for your car. On the bright side, Deviney is located centrally on campus! Getting to places on foot, by bike, or by electric scooter will be a breeze; at least this justifies their District 6 parallel.

district 7: gilchrist

Surrounded by a plethora of trees and located across from the beautiful and serene Green Park, Gilchrist Hall’s placement as District 7 allows it to supply lumber for FSU. Gilchrist would also produce the most fearless and valiant victors like their most famous tribute, Johanna Mason.

district 8: bryan

Every time I step foot inside Bryan Hall’s stunningly underrated lobby, I feel as though I’m entering a castle. District 8 houses the most creative and fashion-forward people in Panem. I’m putting Bryan’s fashionable residents in charge of textiles and producing uniforms for the Peacekeepers.

district 9: broward

Like District 9, Broward Hall just exists. I bet living in Broward is just as comfortable as living in any of the other dorms, but I have never met a single soul who lives in this dorm hall. Paralleling its Panem community, Broward Hall would not produce many successful tributes, as nothing is ever said about it or its residents.

district 10: reynolds

Reynolds Hall is located by the Chick-fil-A on campus, so it has the ability to supply high-quality meat (chicken nuggets and Chick-fil-A sauce) to the Capitol.

district 11: salley

As one of the poorest and largest communities in Panem, Salley Hall is the perfect parallel of District 11. Firstly, its location is unnecessarily far; District 11’s vast land area reflects the amount of land I have to walk to reach this dorm hall. Salley Hall is also notorious for its variety of issues, whether that be with plumbing or its small rooms. However, the residents I have met from this dorm hall are some of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I have ever encountered, paralleling their most famous tribute Rue.

district 12: jennie murphree

While I may be biased because I live in this dorm hall, Jennie Murphree would house Katniss Everdeen and yes, we would smother all of the other tributes. Jennie Murphree is the underdog of all the other dorm halls; it’s often criticized for its small dorm rooms and antiquated structure. Okay fine, she’s old, but she’s resilient and could take the rest of you down.

district 13: degraff

Degraff Hall is interesting. Similar to Salley, it is somewhat distant from the other dorm halls. However, due to its location being slightly off-campus, it is representative of District 13, as both are hidden and the most isolated from the Capitol.

capitol: landis

Landis Hall houses the Honors students and that to me screams Capitol. This dorm hall is literally at the center of campus as it directly faces Landis Green and is near the dining hall, Strozier, and FSU’s Districts 1 and 2. Along with its studious residents, Landis Hall’s centrality makes it the perfect representation of FSU’s Capitol.

gamemaker: mccollum

McCollum Hall flies under the radar and isn’t discussed as frequently as the other dorms, so I feel like its position as FSU’s Gamemaker makes sense in the most comedic way. Since it’s somewhat off-campus, it can function as an underground Gamemaker: sneaky, deceiving and mysterious.

With each dorm paired with its designated district, FSU’s Panem is formed and complete. To the incoming freshmen and returning Noles looking for on-campus living, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Sophia Ferraro – Florida State University HerCampus Chapter