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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Fall is such an exciting and cozy time for so many reasons. Whether you like watching movies, baking sweet treats, or running around in the cold, fall is the perfect time to bundle up and do all the things you love during this time of year. It’s also the perfect season to try new fashion trends! The unbearable heat from the summer has worn off but it’s not freezing cold winter just yet, so you can start to break out your cozy autumn outfits and channel your inner Lorelai Gilmore.

Each year, there are new fall fashion staples that have the it girls in a chokehold. The early 2000s were full of tracksuits and Ugg boots; 2016 saw an abundance of infinity scarves and knee-high boots. It’s always exciting to see the new fall fashion trends that pop up, and a cozy college campus like FSU’s is the perfect place to check out these trends. Here’s what FSU girlies are wearing this fall.

Loafers and Ruffle Socks

This is probably my favorite trend of the season. It’s so cute and it’s a perfect mix of bulky and delicate. It’s also really easy to make your own since you have so much creative liberty with the socks. My favorite look is a chunky black loafer with delicate socks that have little ruffles or bows, but you can add socks with funky patterns or pops of color if you’d prefer!

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers first started as a warm-up necessity for ballet dancers and eventually sprang into popularity in the ’80s as an accessory. Having fallen out of favor for years, leg warmers are back like they never left! I’ve seen so many cute outfits on campus recently that add leg warmers for a little pop of cozy autumn vibes.


I’ve absolutely loved watching women reconnect with their inner child this year in the year of the Barbie movie and The Eras Tour. A childhood accessory that has come back in full swing is bows! They’ve been my absolute favorite accessory to add recently to elevate any fall look. Whether you tie them in your hair, on your purse, or even your shoes, you best believe they’re going to give.

Mini skirts and Tights

Such a classic combo. Both miniskirts and tights have been a staple of mine recently. I think a black skirt and sheer black tights pair so well together and instantly elevate any sweater look. This is also a perfect base to add pops of color to your look through sweaters or shoes, or even try out the loafers and frilly socks vibe.

Sweaters Tied Over Shoulders

I’ve been obsessed with this trend since summer when the Coastal Grandma aesthetic was trending. I’ve always loved New England old money vibes, so I’m so happy this trend has made its way into fall fashion too. This is another super easy way to elevate a simpler look and is perfect for FSU’s unpredictable fall weather when it’s cooler in the morning and gets hotter through the day.

I’ve absolutely loved seeing everyone’s “It’s finally colder weather!” looks on campus. I just know the Christmas and winter looks are going to slay. Bundle up and I hope you enjoy this beautiful season!

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