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Things That Would Send a Non-FSU Student Into A Coma

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Each university has a unique “college experience.” With years of traditions and inside jokes, Florida State is no stranger to these things. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite FSU-specific “you had to be there” things that would send a non-Tallahassee resident into a coma.

1. SunStop Costumes

Every now and then, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a group of students walking around college town in some ridiculously entertaining costume. I’m not sure what the costumes are for, but my favorites are The Minions and the presidents.

2. Piano Players

Whether you’re grabbing some Panera at the Student Union or working on homework at Sweet Shop, you’ll probably hear someone banging on the piano. If you’re lucky, it might be a real pianist, but if you’re not so lucky….

3. Tallo-ween

A fan favorite: Halloween weekend, or for many people, the entire Halloween week. Whether buying tickets for Halloween events at the clubs, waiting in line at Pots, or only going to house parties, you’re probably dressing up A LOT, with a new costume for each night. Get ready to drop some $$$!

4. Bathing suits on Landis

While most apartments have pools, people that live on campus must get creative with their tanning routines. If you’ve ever walked Landis Green on a high UV day, you’ve probably seen several people lying in bathing suits.

5. Swimming in Fountains

Similarly, on a hot day, you can swim in the fountains around campus. As the tour guides tell you on your first FSU visit, most of the fountains on campus are legally designated swimming pools. But that’s not the only exciting part of the fountains. Sometimes they’re used as pranks too. Whether people are dying the water in different colors or putting bubble baths in them, they make for great photos. 

6. Westcott Fountain

There’s also the quintessential FSU tradition of getting thrown in the Westcott Fountain at midnight on your birthday. This tradition has been around for years, creating fond memories for thousands of students. The Vice President for Student Affairs, Amy Hecht, clarified that while you enter the fountains at your own risk, it is important to remember that it is unsafe to climb the structures within. So have fun and be careful!

7. Salley Hall


8. Parking in Traditions

If you’ve ever parked on campus, you’re no stranger to the effort it takes to find a parking spot. And Traditions garage is possibly the most difficult because it’s so close to everything. Students will drive around until they see someone leaving, drive behind them and then whip into their spot. Good luck if you’re trying to park there.

9. “Proof” in the Student Union

In 2022, FSU unveiled its new student union with a bowling alley, new restaurants and even a bar. Yes, those 21 and over can stop in to watch a game on the TV, have a drink with their friends, head to the bowling alley and play a couple of games.

10. Tinder Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, @barstoolfsu on Instagram also posts the fan favorite “Tinder Tuesday,” which showcases some of the most outrageous Tinder messages people submitted that week. Some of those texts will have you questioning the audacity of some people, but they always get a good laugh.

11. Goodboy Fridays

On a cuter note, @barstoolfsu also showcases the cutest puppies dressed up in their best FSU gear. Send a photo of your pup in their favorite jersey, and maybe they’ll get some internet fame.

12. Random smoke geysers around campus

I’m not sure what they are, but every now and then, I’ll see random steam coming from the grates in the ground, and it always seems to move locations. Thoughts?

13. The Recess Pool

I have no words.

14.  The UMiami Basketball Kid 

Last year at the Miami vs. FSU basketball game, a little boy went viral for doing the upside-down U. Six-year-old Cason became a beloved FSU internet sensation overnight, and you can read more about him here!

15. Sister Cindy

Every now and then FSU campus is hit with a bunch of people preaching on Landis. Perhaps the most popular is Sister Cindy. Sister Cindy travels around the country speaking on her beliefs, and her “Ho No Mo” movement has become quite popular. She posts her travel schedule on her Instagram if you want to attend one of these gatherings.

16. The Garnet and Gold Boys

The beloved Garnet and Gold guys have been a tradition for years. Decking themselves head to toe in paint and glitter, these guys lead the hype crowd in the student section for football games. They’re icons. Period.

While this list is by no means conclusive, these are just a few of my favorite silly FSU things.

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Hey, I'm Chloe and I'm a senior at Florida State! I'm a staff writer at HerCampus FSU and a fun fact about me is that I'm also a certified lifeguard! I love hammocking and reading outside and I'm always down to go for a swim!