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Marching Chiefs Sining the Hymn
Marching Chiefs Sining the Hymn
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Ranking My Top 3 FSU Merch Stores

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As FSU Parents’ Weekend ended, I couldn’t help but notice all the cute outfits that other girls were wearing. I always rummage through my closet, trying to find a cute outfit with FSU colors or a school pride shirt. Sometimes, I end up frustrated or having to borrow from friends. This time, I decided to find the top places around Tallahassee with cute Florida State merch! 

Picked Tallahassee 

I love this store because I love vintage finds. Picked always has a wide array of vintage shirts, shorts, jackets, hats, and tank tops that are definitely unique. They also sell limited drop sneakers if you’re a sneakerhead. I saw the Burgundy Nike Dunks on someone at the game and thought they were so cute. Vintage graphic tees always have more eye-catching graphics than the current ones. They recently started selling cowboy boots, so you’re covered if you want to wear a miniskirt or denim shorts. I’ve seen some girls wearing the FSU basketball shorts with a tiny top, which I thought was super cute. I also love how this store always comes with new drops every Friday at noon, so you are guaranteed a unique find. 

The Other Side Vintage

I’ve found some hidden gems in this vast warehouse of vintage clothing. What I like about this store is that they provide a storefront for different vendors, so you have a variety of vintage finds, whether it be FSU merch or not. I found an FSU denim jacket that would follow the denim trend and could be cute. They also have second-hand FSU merch at various prices, meaning you’re more likely to find something within your price range. I found a vintage FSU sweatshirt for $20, which is good for a sweatshirt price. I love their FSU sweatshirts or jerseys located throughout the store. With fall finally in full swing, cooler weather will soon be at our doorstep. I even found Florida State sneakers at this store, which is quite funny! The findings are endless here. 

Barefoot Tallahassee

Barefoot Tallahassee has many different soft and comfortable T-shirts. They also have an excellent altering service if customers want to cut and make other things out of basic graphic tees. For example, they can make a tube top or a mini dress. One of my friends, Rachel, was wearing a graphic tee strapless dress from this store. She wore it with platform Doc Martens, which made the outfit more edgy. If dresses aren’t your thing, they make different cuts of cropped tees and tank tops. They also do raffles for free T-shirts, so I would follow their Instagram to enter the raffle. The only downside is the price, as these shirts are new and you are paying for the cutting service. Overall, the shirts are worth it because they are stylish, soft, and comfortable. 


These stores are located in Collegetown and Railroad Square, which is a plus because they are easily accessible to students. Happy shopping! 

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Hey my name is Eugenia:) A little about me: I love dogs, hanging out with friends and family, and I have a bad shopping addiction. I love painting in my free time as well as thrifting with friends. I am a third year student at FSU and I am majoring in Political Science. I hope to attend law school when I graduate.