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The Eras Tour Prep: Taylor Swift Disco at Club Downunder

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With only weeks away from The Eras Tour dates in Tampa and Atlanta, Swifties all over Florida State University’s (FSU) campus are preparing for their big day. Girls in Strozier are studying and religiously blasting the setlist, while others are at the union discussing what organs they had to sell to get presale tickets. There’s still so much to do and not enough outfit ideas on Pinterest to copy. 

Every girl within a 20-mile radius just wanted to scream the bridge to “Cruel Summer,” and Club Downunder understood the assignment. Listening parties are the best alternative to concerts, you’re guaranteed to be with all your friends, and you can sing along to your favorite artist all night long. Club Downunder spared no expense for their party, serving treats, decorations and a banger setlist. 

Walking in, there were tables set up to make friendship bracelets. “You’re On Your Own, Kid” had everyone splurging on beads to make little bracelets to trade during the concerts, but Club Downunder was one step ahead of the game. At the merch stand were these adorable cupcakes with mirrorballs on toothpicks stuck in them. Not only was it the perfect pregame snack, but the little mirrorballs were perfect fake microphones. 

The real tour prep was the disco itself. Everyone was truly dressed to the nines. We saw recreations of the “You Belong With Me” Junior Jewels outfit, the famous navy blue star dress from the Midnights era, and cowboy boots scattered on the dance floor. The first lesson for the tour is to dress however you want, whether it’s bummy, or fancy or even silly. However, make sure your feet are ready for the jumping and dancing—it’s impossible to make it through bejeweled without doing the strut and the shimmer hands. 


at any Taylor Swift related event.. ill save you a seat ;) #taylorswiftdisco @clubdownunder

♬ mirrorball – Taylor Swift

Club Downunder played songs from every era with a bunch of songs from Swift’s tour setlist. When it comes to Miss Swift, there are too many hits to fit into two hours but they made it work. The most disappointing part of the setlist for the Eras Tour was the lack of representation for her debut album, but everyone attending got their fix Tuesday night. That wasn’t even the best part. Attendees got the holy trinity of T-Swift screaming songs: “Should’ve Said No,” “Better Than Revenge” and “The Way I Loved You.”

At the end, there was a photo backdrop and posters of the covers scattered around the room attendees got to take home if they wanted. I’m proud to say there is now a poster of the Lover album on my dorm wall. It was overall such an amazing experience for Swifties to meet each other and bond over her songs. Even waiting in line, girls were showing off their tour outfits or talking about their favorite albums. 

Club Downunder never fails to amaze FSU students. If you want to see more of their incredible weekly events, check them out on Instagram or their Linktree for their other socials. 

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