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The Best Bands I’ve Seen Perform at 926

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The nightlife in Tallahassee is always active, with different themed events and concerts taking place all the time. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed about where to go, I would suggest seeing if 926 Bar & Grill has anything fun planned.

926 is one of my favorite places to go to for live music in Tallahassee. With some of the best-curated line-ups of artists and an overall safe and welcoming environment, 926 has always given me a positive experience and keeps me coming back. Here are some of the best concerts I’ve seen there so far! 

Cannibal Kids

Despite being based on the other side of the state in Miami, Cannibal Kids is a band that I’ve seen perform many times across Florida in Gainesville, Tampa, and even in Florida State’s Club Downunder! I swear I’m not a groupie; they’re totally the ones following me around.

Even after seeing them multiple times, the group continues to impress, with the lead singer Damian Gutierrez being an electric and nonstop performer as soon as he steps foot on stage. The energy he brings and the general chemistry of the band make every show memorable. As a lover of classical wind instruments, the trombone solos from keyboardist Eli Feingold hold a special place in my heart and never fail to get the crowd going.

Some standouts to listen to live are “Save Me the Time” (the crowd involvement is always a fun time) and “Graphing!”


The Driptones are a group of long-time friends who grew a loyal fanbase in Gainesville and performed at 926 despite the long-lasting school rivalry. After graduating from the University of Florida and moving out of their “Drip House” which hosted many of their popular house shows, the Driptones haven’t been as easy to see live in Florida, so I was grateful to have them come to me in Tallahassee.

While their music is more on the chill side, each member brings their own unique energy to keep the performance lively and exciting. Many of the songs alternate who sings lead, which keeps the vocal color changing and engaging. While the Driptones continue to grow their fanbase out in Atlanta, we can only hope they won’t forget their roots and we’ll see them in North Florida again!

My favorite songs to hear live will probably always be “Sunsick” and “Wave Sounds.” They’re classics.

Hotel Fiction

While I’d previously never heard of Hotel Fiction, when the Driptones opened for them on their tour at 926, I was hooked. This motivated me to go to their concert and discover a new band that I now stream constantly. Hotel Fiction is a band from Athens, Georgia led by keyboardist and vocalist Jade Long and guitarist Jessica Thompson.

The two girls’ friendship is clear on stage. Their energy is infectious. I found myself blown away by Long’s singing, especially towards the end when she truly showed off her abilities. While I’ve only seen them perform once and didn’t even know their songs at the time, a few of my favorites are “Athens GA” and “Allure.”

Local concerts offer a break from our jam-packed schedule, allowing us to connect with friends and meet new peers with similar music tastes. Not only that, but 926 also often gives fans a chance to talk to the band members after their performance as well. I’ve had so many setlists, vinyls, and more signed thanks to the generosity of the bands and 926. Again, even if you don’t know their music, I encourage you to check out a concert. I promise 926 won’t lead you astray.

Click here to check out a playlist with all of the bands I’ve mentioned today!

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