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FSU’s Landscaping is the Beauty Behind the Brains on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Florida State University is known for its prestigious academics, but what most people don’t know is that the FSU campus is just as impressive. If you take a close look around campus, you can find ornate sculptures and beautiful wildlife. From exotic flowers to fruit trees, walking through campus feels like strolling through a garden.

Everyone knows about the beautiful cascades of flowers surrounding the Student Union, but I bet you didn’t know that FSU landscaping actually encourages you to cut some for yourself! It may feel illegal to cut the flowers, but a few odd glances from passersby are worth it to snag some of the gorgeous flowers. Beautiful zinnias and rudbeckia thrive in the heat, so be sure to make yourself a bouquet before they wilt in winter. Just be careful not to step into the flowerbeds. 

While the Student Union is most famous for its beautiful flowers, there are tons of other flowers in bloom across campus. There is a butterfly garden in the courtyard between the Dunlap Success Center and the Globe. The flowers are all different colors and species, and together they are a sight to see. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you could spot a butterfly. 

Not only does the campus provide beautiful flowers, but also delicious fruit. Just outside of the FSU Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement Building is a fig tree. Students, faculty, staff, and even the squirrels help themselves to fruit from the tree. Grapefruits outside of Wildwood Hall are just beginning to ripen. In just a few weeks you could stop by and grab one for yourself. 

The fruits and flowers around campus are constantly changing, but the FSU Grounds and Landscaping page always posts updates so you know when the flowers are blossoming and the fruits are ripening. 

The campus also has so many beautiful sculptures that the Facebook page regularly features. My personal favorite is the Seminole Family sculpture outside of the T.K. Wetherell building in Doak Campbell Stadium. The artists, Bradley Cooper and his son, worked directly with Tribal Leaders to create a sculpture in celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The statue celebrates the spirit of the Seminole people and inspires present-day students, teachers, and alumni to embody that same spirit and tenacity. This sculpture is not only impressively beautiful, but it also showcases the rich history of FSU. Indigenous Peoples’ Day may have just passed, but it’s never a bad time to stop by and see this sculpture. 

Everyone knows and loves Westcott Fountain, but there are so many other fountains around campus. Each of them are registered swimming pools, so technically you can swim in them. The most underappreciated fountain at FSU, but my favorite, is located in front of the Keen Building. I may be biased because I walk by it every day on my way to class, but it never gets old. 

There is beauty all around FSU, even in the most unexpected places. Look around next time you walk to class or the library and I’m sure you’ll see it too. 

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Kayleen Jenkins is a Staff Writer for the Her Campus at Florida State chapter. Beyond Her Campus, Kayleen manages the social media content for a running events company, Relevant Running. She is currently a junior at Florida State University majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry on a Pre-PA track. In her free time, Kayleen enjoys cooking, painting, and playing with her cat, Nala. She loves to spend time in nature and is a huge adrenaline junkie. She is a Friends expert and can proudly quote the series.