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How FSU Students Took H.A.G.S Seriously This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Summer 2023 came and went, with the majority of campus leaving for a summer full of different activities. From people staying on campus to some leaving the country, students from Florida State University (FSU) had a great summer agenda worth noting. 

Summer abroad

If it seems like everyone you know was out of the country, the odds are they studied abroad. FSU is one of the lucky schools that has four year-round campuses outside of Tallahassee. Having campuses in Spain, Italy, and London means that thousands of students were spread throughout Europe, living their day-to-day with other people from FSU and other universities.


For many students, going into junior or senior year means trying to successfully obtain an internship in the field they are interested in. This summer, FSU interns were taking on the New York City subway, traveling to and from work in a new city, or commuting to their internship in their hometowns. Law, Business, Engineering, and Computer Science are some of the biggest fields to get placed with a company looking for interns. Still, other fields like Marketing, Public Relations, and Management are also on the hunt for interns. If you’re a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in search of an internship, consider keeping your eyes out for opportunities this upcoming summer!

Summer in Tallahassee

The location of our school is home to two other colleges/universities, coffee shops, and amazing restaurants. Students who remained in Tallahassee for the summer spent part of their days taking classes and exploring nearby cities like Thomasville, Georgia, Panama City Beach, and Wakulla County, home to Wakulla Springs. FSU’s requirement that students must complete one summer semester to graduate means that more people stay in Tallahassee than you might think. If you were alone while taking classes in Tallahassee, plan a local coffee shop visit with your friends this fall or show them someplace you accidentally found during your summer in town.

SUmmer in your hometown

One FSU student I spoke to was able to find a place to volunteer by their home, and another was able to get a job where they used to work before starting college. A summer at home for FSU students meant spreading out all over Florida and even going to different cities around the United States, expanding the reach of Florida State. Being home could mean working, studying, hanging out with friends and family, or taking a break from the school year. On the other hand, it’s important to realize that some people love going back home for breaks, but other people don’t. If you happened to spend the summer in the city you’re from, I hope you found some way to make it enjoyable for the time you stayed.

If your summer activity wasn’t on this list, that’s okay! Everyone enjoyed their summer differently. Next summer, maybe you’ll find yourself as an FSU student abroad, with an internship or doing something else you’ve been wanting to do. Now that the summer is over and the weather is getting colder for the beginning of fall, there’s a whole new set of activities waiting for you to partake in. This fall, consider taking the opportunity to find something you like to do or try out new activities that you weren’t able to try this summer!    

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Makenna is from Miami, Florida, and is currently studying Political Science. She enjoys drinking coffee and finding new coffee shops. She loves music, movies, makeup, reading, and is always open for movie recommendations!