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Suwannee vs. Seminole: The Battle of the FSU Dining Halls

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

If you’re a freshman or simply a student with a meal plan, you’ve probably had to decide which of the two FSU dining halls you want to eat at. Suwannee or Seminole Café. I am here to help you decide. I’ve been to both dining halls countless times and will be reviewing them separately according to different categories. Those categories will be food quality, environment, and overall experience.

Food Quality

Suwannee has good dining hall food. The chances are you will probably find at least one thing that you can eat and actually tastes good. My personal favorites are the plantains and everything else in the vegan section. The True balance section is usually pretty good too. Another thing Suwannee has that Seminole Cafe is missing is an amazing salad bar. You start with any available green and then stack on your toppings. It’s very customizable, which I appreciate when I’m looking to eat certain veggies. Lastly, the ice cream. Suwannee just wouldn’t be the same without it. You’ll get lucky about 1/3 of the time when the machine is working. It’s an added plus when there are cones left.

Seminole Cafe is a hit or miss for actual meals. The fries and burgers will always be good, but the meals are questionable. The mashed potatoes are sometimes bland, and I recently had chicken I was unsure was fully cooked. However, every once in a while, their food is better than my mom’s! They have tons of side options and always a sushi salad that I must get. Their pasta and desserts are really good as well.


Suwannee’s environment is unique. It gets pretty hectic and there is always something going on. It’s up to you and who you are going with whether or not you’ll have a nice time. If you are going with a group of friends, Suwannee is the place for you. If you are looking for a chill and quiet environment, go somewhere else. That being said, Suwannee is a fun place to get dinner with your friends or people-watch.

Seminole Cafe has a more peaceful environment than Suwannee. I go to Seminole when I have no one to go with, or would like to eat alone. It’s calm and everyone is doing their own thing. You can also go to eat with your friends, so it’s a more flexible venue.

Overall Experience

Suwannee’s overall experience is nice. The food is good, and if I’m with my friends it’s a fun dinner. Plus at the end, I get to take home delicious fruit. The salad bar and ice cream machines add to the overall experience. I’ve found that the service at Suwannee is better and the workers are more on top of things. The environment can be a little hectic, but that may be what intrigues you.

Seminole Café is more chill with good food. You can stop by for a quick lunch with friends or a solo dinner. The desserts and sushi salads are a must. You can also take home fruit and cereal at this dining hall.
Overall, Seminole Cafe would probably be my choice because I really appreciate their environment and their food is really good too.

However, both FSU dining halls offer good food and a safe environment. You can’t go wrong with either!

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