Campus Nightmare: Jazzy Rowe’s Story

You’ve all probably heard the stories about the crazy roommate slowly planning your demise, sneaking through your things, talking behind your back. 18-year-old freshman Chenell “Jazzy” Rowe knows it all too well after allegedly experiencing torturous and disgusting behavior from her former roommate Brianna Brouchu.

According to reports, Rowe told her crazy story through Facebook Live, wherein a lengthy video she came clear about all the nasty things she had come to learn that her roommate put her through. According to Rowe, Brouchu would rub her used tampons on her backpack, put molded clam dip in her lotion, spit into her coconut oil, and stick her toothbrush “where the sun don’t shine.”

Courtesy: Heavy

Rowe began to notice something was wrong when she began to feel sick, dealing with harrowing throat pain, causing her at one point to not be able to speak. Doctors could not figure out what type of bacteria was growing inside her throat and prescribed antibiotics to combat the swelling and pain. The hostility Jazzy felt while in her dorm room with Brianna was growing. Rowe claims that Brianna would shut off the lights if she saw Jazzy there studying, among other disrespectful behavior. Jazzy decided enough was enough and moved into a new dorm, but right before leaving someone showed her Brianna’s private Instagram posts, detailing all the heinous things she did to Rowe, including violating her toothbrush.

Courtesy: Heavy  

Rowe, outraged, went to her school’s administration, who did very little until Rowe sat in front of a camera and spoke to 500,000 Facebook users live, showing screenshots and explaining in great detail her trauma. Rowe claims that Brouchu referred to her as the ‘Jamaican Barbie’ making her suspect that this was a hate crime due to the fact that she is black and Brouchu is white.


Rowe’s school, the University of Hartford, since the posting of the Facebook Live video, has banned Brouchu from the campus and has taken legal action. Brouchu has been charged with breach of peace of the second degree and criminal mischief in the third degree, both misdemeanors. She is currently free on $1,000 bail and in addition to the misdemeanor charges she is facing a possible additional charge of second-degree intimidation based on bigotry or bias, a felony that carries a minimum sentence of one year to a maximum of five years if convicted.

Rowe has since left the university after the traumatizing experience. She said that she found the posts after moving out–some of the photos of Brouchu explaining all of the things she did to get her to move–including a bizarre list which at the end of she writes “and so much more.” Rowe is still wondering what that “so much more” is.