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4 Scholarships for International Affairs Majors Available Through FSU’s Office of National Fellowships

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

During my Professional Development for International Affairs Majors class, the Office of National Fellowships (ONF) gave a presentation which blew my mind. Having only briefly heard of ONF in the past, I had no idea just how pertinent it would be to both my college experience, and possibly to my post-grad one too. 

Of the many wonderful opportunities and resources available at FSU, I have to say that the ONF is a newfound favorite. They exist to “help students to pursue opportunities for enrichment by providing information and support throughout the  fellowship application process.” It’s the place to find scholarships, grants, and fellowships relevant to your major and future career aspirations. 

For my fellow international affairs (IA) majors, fret not. I’ve curated the ones most closely aligned to our field, each offering first-hand exposure to global issues. These programs foster cross-cultural understanding through educational initiatives where fellows can engage in workshops, seminars, research, collaborative projects, and cultural immersion. 

Humanity in Action 

This one begins with three weeks in an intensive educational program in cities across Europe or the U.S. This year, such cities included Copenhagen, Berlin, and Amsterdam. The program is tied to its location, where participants will learn experientially about issues related to human rights, social justice, and diversity through the communities they are already in. After the three weeks, fellows develop action-based projects and work to implement them in their communities. 

David L. Boren Scholarship 

Have a passion for language learning? This scholarship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program, funds U.S. undergraduates studying less commonly taught languages in regions crucial to U.S. interests, such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

For anyone interested in national security work, this one’s particularly interesting because, in return for funding, scholars agree to work in the federal government for a year post-graduation.

Critical Language Scholarship

Passion for language learning… part two? Similar to the Boren scholarship, the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program culminates in an intensive language-learning experience in regions relevant to U.S. interests. But what sets CLS apart is the year-long preparation through university-level language study, a crucial step that practically ensures fluency.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship 

If your dream is to study abroad, but it has always seemed out of reach due to financial concerns, this scholarship might be for you. The Gilman scholarship focuses on making global opportunities accessible to everyone, offering grants for U.S. citizens of limited financial means to study abroad or pursue internships abroad. 

other opportunities

If none of these are sparking any interest, take a gander around the ONF website. In the “fellowship search” tab, you can narrow down the ones best suited for you using their filters: identity, area, purpose, and year. There are so many out there that, even after adding filters, I lost count after reaching 40.  

Of course, the process for applying for these scholarships is strenuous, and the competition for them is high. Rest assured though, the ONF is eager to assist you in finding suitable scholarships and completing the entire application process. From workshops to intensive mentoring to mock interviews, it sounds like it’d be more of a challenge to walk away from the ONF anything less than fully prepared. 

Don’t take only my word for it, I’ll give you an example! With the assistance of the ONF, a senior FSU international affairs student was recently selected for the prestigious Pickering scholarship, where she will now go on to serve in the Foreign Service. 

I’d encourage anyone, international affairs major or not, to take advantage of these opportunities and book an appointment with the ONF. Their office is in the Honors Scholars and Fellows House (on the third floor above the on-campus Chick-fil-A)! These opportunities often end up opening doors throughout your college years and post-grad. 

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Camila Fraser is an international affairs major who's a language enthusiast, fluent in three languages. She has a passion for exploring new cultures and loves traveling to broaden her horizons. When she's not jet-setting, you'll find her nose deep in a book, scouring thrift stores for hidden gems, or binge-watching the latest thing on tv.