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Navigating the Noles: Things I Wish I Knew

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Starting college in general is intimidating and takes adjusting. Being in a new environment can be overwhelming, especially at a school as big as Florida State University (FSU). However, by being well-informed and preparing accordingly, the transition into FSU can be smooth. You can start creating memories, becoming involved, and learning new things about yourself and others. Here are some tips on having a happy and healthy first year at FSU.

The Importance of a Perfect Schedule

While arguable for some, the most important part of college is academics. During the fall semester of my freshman year, I had a three-hour 8 a.m. class that was very difficult to get up for and made it hard to pay attention. As a night owl, getting up early usually does not work out. Ever since then, I have made sure to pick my classes carefully and make the perfect schedule so I can ensure I will perform the best I possibly can in my classes. Now, what personally works for me includes no classes that start before 10 a.m. and in-person classes only two days a week, which gives me time to get involved in my other endeavors.

While waking up early may be your cup of tea, it may not be for others. Be honest with yourself when choosing classes, and consider what times and days you will be more focused. Remember, you have the freedom to decide what your schedule will look like, so be mindful!

University Resources are Here for You

FSU offers so many resources to its students that it’s hard to track who to go to for help. I have found that booking a study room on lib.fsu.edu always ensures I have a spot to focus, and I get most of my work/studying done. The FSU libraries host events, especially near finals, providing snacks, supplies, and support while you grind out your schoolwork! They also offer free tutoring services from SparkFSU. FSU libraries are the place to be if you try to thrive academically.

Something I wish I did more was join study groups. Not only is it a great way to meet people in your class/major but working with others is more efficient, and you get to teach each other simultaneously. Whether you decide to meet up with someone from your class or attend a group tutoring event at the Academic Center of Excellence, working with others makes studying easier and more fun!

Find at Least One Org and Stick With It

Though walking through Landis Green can be overstimulating, going to the tables of student organizations is an opportunity to make great connections and gain more insight into the kinds of people who run it. The involvement fair and Market Wednesdays are also great events to help find an organization you may be interested in. My orientation leader told me that if I wanted to get involved, I should pick one academic org, one active org, and one hobby/interest organization to have a perfect balance and a great resume.

Whatever you are interested in, FSU probably has a club for it. Nole Central provides a list of over 700 organizations that range anywhere from academic fraternities to the hiking club. Go through the list and have these in mind when walking through the next Market Wednesday, and go up to them! I joined the Yoga Club and met amazing people while doing an activity that was great for my mindfulness and physical health. Sticking to a club provides consistency, balance, and a support group that can eventually become your great friends.

Don’t Have Crazy Expectations

Lastly, don’t be afraid to embrace challenges and step out of your comfort zone. The whole point of college is to do new things and find yourself through the process. My freshman year was anything but perfect, and that’s okay! Making friends and feeling adjusted comes with time and hard work.

Remember that your first year at FSU is just the beginning of an exciting adventure. With determination, a positive attitude, and hopefully learning from your mistakes, you can thrive academically and socially. It is important to remember that everyone’s college experience is different. Do not put strict, high expectations on yourself and live your life day by day.

By following these tips and embracing the FSU community (who is always here for you), you’ll set yourself up for success and lay a strong foundation for an incredible college career. Enjoy every moment, make the most of your time, and embrace the opportunities that FSU has to offer.

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Krista Escalona is a staff writer at Her Campus at the FSU chapter. She writes about a diverse array of topics including campus events, personal stories, interviews, and more. In addition to writing, Krista is involved in the social team at Her Campus, where she works on graphics for the social media accounts. Aside from Her Campus, Krista works on the videography team at Strike Magazine Tallahassee where she works with a team to shoot and edit campaigns for the student ran magazine, including editorial shoots and fashion. She has been recognized nationally for her media production skills. Krista is a sophomore at Florida State University and is majoring in International Affairs, on the pre-law track. In her free time, Krista enjoys practicing yoga, reading classics, and listening to all kinds of music. She can talk about movies for hours and will never deny trying new kinds of food or getting ice cream.