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Florida State’s 2023 Parents Weekend will begin taking place on Oct. 6. Parents Weekend is a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the vibrant campus life and engage in a variety of enriching activities. This special weekend is held each year in October to give parents a first-hand glimpse into their student’s academic journey and the university’s dynamic community. From family dinners, Market Friday, circus showcases, and the football game against Virginia Tech on Saturday, Parents Weekend offers a well-rounded experience that showcases Florida State’s commitment to academic excellence and the diverse extracurricular opportunities available to students.

With a blend of academic exploration, entertainment, and quality time with their loved ones, parents can gain a deeper understanding of the Florida State experience while creating cherished memories together. This year’s Parents Weekend promises to be exhilarating and unforgettable for all. As a sophomore with an older sister who graduated from Florida State last spring, I’ve attended many of the previous festivities. If you’re feeling conflicted over how to entertain your parents during their visit, here’s my guide to Florida State University Parents Weekend.

Kicking off the Fun

I recommend starting the weekend with a delicious breakfast or lunch off campus! Take your family to one of your favorite local spots. They are going to be so excited to let you show them around your college town, so have some spots in mind before they come into town. Some of my family’s favorite brunch and lunch spots are The Bada Bean, The Sweet Shop, Catalina Café, Madison Social, Gordo’s, and Brick House. All the restaurants have a delicious menu with a lively atmosphere that’s perfect for people watching and mingling with other families.

Prepping for the Big Game

Next, attend some tailgates! Whether you decide to brave the fraternity tailgates or go to the lot, tailgating is a game day ritual in Tallahassee that your parents should get to experience. In anticipation of the game against Virginia Tech, everyone will be rallying around the Seminoles. Getting game day pictures is vital, so make sure you document your pre-game activities with your parents.

Celebrating Football Excellence

After you are tired of the heat, head to the stadium with your ticket because the game time starts promptly at 3:30 p.m. The stadium is expected to be a sea of garnet and gold, and the atmosphere will be vibrant as students and their families gather to support the Seminoles. In Doak Campbell Stadium, it’s not just a game, but a cherished tradition that unites generations of fans. The promise of nail-biting plays, exhilarating touchdowns, and the camaraderie that comes along with cheering for the home team is sure to make this Parents Weekend memorable for all in attendance. Whether it’s the pre-game tailgates, the halftime show, or the post-game celebrations, this football game promises to be a highlight of the weekend!

Winding Down Your Perfect Weekend

Finish the evening by taking your parents to your favorite bar or club. The fantastic thing about Parents Weekend is that everyone else will be taking their parents out as well, so no one should feel out of place. The post-game celebrations will be exciting regardless of the outcome of the game, and your parents will get to see a whole other side of Tallahassee through nightlife.

Personally, I like to let my parents plan out the last day of Parents Weekend after keeping them busy all day Saturday. This often entails browsing the stores in College Town and grabbing a late lunch before they embark on the long car ride home. With all of the excitement, the weekend always goes by faster than expected. Although its conclusion makes me sad, I cannot help but look forward to Parents Weekend next year.

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I am currently a senior at Florida State University obtaining my undergraduate degree from The College of Communications. I am majoring in Media Communications and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship with an expected graduation date of May 2025.