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My Favorite FSU Involvements: Political Science Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I know that this saying is a cliche, but as with most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. But what does that mean? Oftentimes, this phrase is tossed out in organizations, then left to the individual’s imagination. For example, I thought that if I showed up to every org. meeting, I would magically become immersed into some large friend group, but no. Nothing works like that. As rude of an awakening as it was, the different areas where you place your energy are where you will see that return.

The political science major is fairly straightforward. Most of the coursework consists of learning about the science of politics. I’ll be honest, I did not know much about majors heading into college. If you’re anything like me, you probably looked for a major that sounded like government and decided your path. If you’re anything like me, you’re also an aspiring lawyer and saw political science as a way to find your footing before law school. Now, I don’t know if you redacted your plans or are currently studying for the LSAT, but here are some organizations at Florida State University (FSU) that I have enjoyed being a part of and their benefits to me.

noles engaged in politics (nep)

The first organization I want to discuss is NEP. This organization is great for those who plan on becoming future policymakers, or even those whose future careers slightly overlap with the semantics in politics. NEP is under the Office of Governmental Affairs (OGA), another organization on campus that one can get involved in. OGA is also connected to Student Government. The connection between these different organizations allows for interactions with many different individuals. The facilitators in NEP are quite knowledgeable about legislative terms and staff on campus. Overall, I do have high ratings for NEP. The program is a great stepping stone to not only meet more like-minded individuals on campus but to also expand current knowledge on political topics and issues.

certificate through fsu’s emergency management and homeland security department

I stumbled into the Emergency Management and Homeland Security department through a PAD class I was taking. I fell in love with U.S. intelligence. This one class encouraged me to apply for the certificate. The professors who teach these courses are all extremely knowledgeable. I have taken courses with Col. Duggelby and Prof. Merrick and the expertise that they have in the field of intelligence shows with every lecture, task, assignment, and paper. With these courses, I’ve learned that nothing is ever truly busy work. Everything has a purpose. They have various certificates within their department that cover a wide array of interests. I would recommend a certificate in any of these courses because they teach research skills, address the dangers of bias, and show you how to spot bias. The most important takeaway I have had from these classes is the importance of communication, and the essence of communication is understanding.

social science scholars

Social Science Scholars has been my favorite FSU involvement ever! In any given cohort, it is a group of roughly 18 individuals. The small class size allows for individualized support. The two professors, Dr. Mayo and Dr. Taylor, are so much help and so knowledgeable in their field and many other areas. I would recommend looking into this opportunity, or at least taking a look at Global Scholars if you are interested in doing research. There are a few stipulations in being a part of this cohort through the College of Social Sciences; however, it is a well-developed program that will not only benefit you educationally but also aid in your personal growth.

Overall, what I have learned from joining these varying organizations is to join something that serves you. FSU offers a lot of different clubs and organizations. However, I have found that when I choose the ones that I enjoy the most, I also contribute the most, which results in a larger return. Often there is this push to “fill up the resume,” but I find that filling up the resume is not nearly as important as the skills that are developed through deep and continuous involvement.

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Hi, my name is Amanda! I am currently a full-time student at Florida State University, and a part time writer with HerCampus. Writing is one of my more prominent passions and I love the ability to be able to share it with you. To keep up with my life…you can follow me on Instagram @theamandaflynn